Here’s the beauty products I pack when I travel…

Posted on December 14th, 2016

This year I’ve travelled a lot. And, in fact, for the past three years I’ve lived mostly in transit. And so my “beauty regime” in general is a simple and mobile affair.

My travel case

My travel case. This is everything I use, daily. All of it. Even when not travelling.

A big bunch of you ask me via the socials to share what such a regime looks like and today I’m obliging.

Previously when I’ve done beauty posts The Folk Who Make The Products That I Use have reached out to offer a discount to you guys. I figured I’d do this again, in time for Christmas. Please be aware, however, that the recommendations are genuine – I purchased all products myself and sought discounts for you later. Cool?

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How I pack my travel beauty kit

I travel very light and this has informed how I “do” beauty in general (since I live light anyway).

  • As a general rule, I work with beauty products with the least number of ingredients, preferably just the one.
  • I don’t fall for “organic” or “natural” labelling. “Organic” can mean only a few of the ingredients were grown and produced organically, not all. You can learn more about this here.
  • You can also learn about what to look out for in beauty products. And how to chose a toxin-free sunscreen.
  • I work with concentrated products – extra strong formulas only requiring small amounts, thus requiring small packaging.
  • I work with stuff that’s multi-purposeful – jojoba oil for cleansing, moisturising, facial scrub and hair control, for instance.
  • I transfer bulk stuff (eg shampoo) into travel bottles that I reuse (I avoid buying travel-size bottles as such…because it’s not a great use of packaging).
  • Everything in my kit can go carry-on (ie is under 100ml), as this is how I often travel.
  • I don’t carry body moisturiser…If things get dry, I use some olive or coconut oil from Air BnB kitchens, etc. At home, I do the same (with my own).
  • As an aside, I use a travel alarm clock. This one above is my second in 21 years. They last a looooong time. I NEVER sleep with my mobile near me.

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How is the state of your heart, in this breath?

Posted on December 8th, 2016

I ask, “How are you?”. 

“Busy”. “Flat out”. “So much going on.” That’s what I get back. 

Photography by Martin Tremblay

Photography by Martin Tremblay

We might be busy. But busy is a choice of mindset, if you think about it.

It’s funny, busy-ness is what creates our aching need for more self-care and a deep desire to live a life we actually want. And yet, it’s also the the thing that prevents us from having this life.

Or put simply: we are too busy to live. Which is just craziness!

There’s also this. When I ask how you are, I’m not asking if you’re busy or not. The satiating, more connecting answer is a true description of where you are at, behind the busyness. The real you that’s always there, regardless of how much activity you’ve chosen to sign up for.

I read that Arabic for “How are you?” is Kayf haal-ik? In Persian it’s Haal-e shomaa chetoreh? 

Which translates as,

“How is the state of your heart, in this breath?” Read more

Do we need a 30-hour work week? Let’s talk about it seriously.

Posted on December 1st, 2016

How about this for an idea? A mandated 30-hour work week? Recently in The Guardian leading UK social policy voice Anna Coote presented the idea as something that makes sense from many angles – social, environmental and economic.

Image via Design You Trust

Image via Design You Trust

And yet we resist the idea. What are we all waiting for?

Technology and automation was meant to see us work less. So why are we working more? Why aren’t we making the call and pulling back from being so ‘busy’?

Me, I think it’s because we’re all waiting for someone to tell us we can. I’ve talked about the importance of creating our own boundaries many times before – we can’t wait for someone to lay out the red carpet for us. The world doesn’t work like this anymore.

But I do wonder if it’s time this critical matter (for our ‘busy-ness is making us sad and sick) might need to be mandated. If ‘someone else’ needs to step in in this instance. Read more