I like to clear up confusion. My latest book I Quit Sugar: Simplicious is now available around the world. But there are currently three different covers. And two different titles?

Aus, UK and US versions of the Simplicious book cover
Aus, UK and US versions of the Simplicious book cover

The thing is this. Some territories like to create their own covers that suit their market segment. I designed my Australian cover. Here it is.

The cover of Simplicious (Australia and NZ).

Actually, I designed two.

My publisher rejected this cover option…which I kind of understand now.

My UK publishers were keen to keep the same title and vibe, but give things an outdoorsy, active feel. Because that’s how they felt the Brits best responded to Aussies. Fair enough.

The UK cover of Simplicious
The UK cover of Simplicious.

You’ll note I’m wearing the same top and bra. That’s not for continuity. It’s because I wear the same top and bra most days.

My US publishers wanted to push my book as a BIG FAT COOKBOOK and continue the sugar-free vibe. They know what they’re doing. They wanted to focus on abundance and cleanness. Wonderfully the US version launches this week. If you live in the US pick it up here and all the big book stores. You might also be interested in this bundle deal we’ve put together where you get a copy of my book, a $150 voucher to my 8-Week Program and various other fun bits and pieces (including a cool market bag and desk lunch jar).

The US version of Simplicious
The US cover of Simplicious.


The various translations around the globe also have different covers, too!

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  • I LOVE my simplicous book! Not only for draining tofu water but just everything in it. Even sent it to a few friends via amazon for their birthdays 😉 x

    • draining tofu water?

      • Yeah, you know when you buy tofu from the supermarket it’s in water. The book is heavy enough to squeeze all the water out so that it’s ready to marinade and cook.

        • Debs


        • Annie

          Haha I love this comment so much! Thanks Rachael

        • Callie Michelle

          This is the best comment right now because I currently have my sea salt jar balancing atop my block of tofu. Did not think to consider a cookbook!

  • Daniel L

    Your “Simplicious” book is simply beautiful, inside out, not just your covers!
    I like a lot all three covers, including inside flap photo No.2 of Australian edition. US edition is missing out a bit of the whole message that you radiate from Australian and UK cover style and title, since this is much more than just a cookbook in my view.
    It was very sweet thing how Slovakian or Czech edition of your first book, altered a bit your surname to Wilsonova, making it even more authentic and attractive :-)…
    Your work and ideas are simply great and your printed books deserve to be distributed in many more than 20 countries. Congratulations for everything that you have done so far and all the best with US edition launch!

  • Libby

    I want to wear that top and bra most days too! Where is the bra from? I’m guessing the top is bassike…

  • Sue15cat

    I’m in the UK and to be honest was a little bit sad that we didn’t get the same cover as you Aussies 🙁 I didn’t sulk for too long though 🙂

    • I’m sorry! x

      • Sue15cat

        Haha …. there’s no need to be, we did get the same wonderful content 🙂

        • Lucy Gilbert

          when in Nantes (France) about a month ago i was happy to stumble on your French book. I pulled it out a bit so people would find it better haha.

  • Cherie

    I took your book along to our event ‘Grease and Oil Change..a workshop for the mind and body of rural men & women’ in our little town of Trundle yesterday Sarah. We made the Pizza Muggins, Overnight Oats & Slow Cooked Lamb. The farmers, their wives and towns people loved it and I looked across to see a 70+ year old man mumbling to himself ‘Hmmm, Simplicious’ and writing the name down in his little notepad. It was gorgeous. So thank you.

    • Oh, I LOVE that story. I’m serious…older blokes actually get my book. There’s always a handful at events and book signings who “got my wife into it, too”.

  • Kaitlin Mueller

    I love the UK Cover and the Simplicious title. I wish the US kept the Simplicious title and cover!!