My mate Kate Callaghan is a nutritionist, personal trainer and author, specialising in hormone healing and fertility. Today I’ve asked her to share a trick she told me about recently for those of us who have hormone derangement, but who love coffee. It’s a common quandary…and it would appear Kate has a solution…

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Over to you, Kate…

To begin, is coffee good for us?

When it comes to supporting hormone health and fertility, it’s not something I recommend. The caffeine can prod your adrenal glands to release cortisol, your stress hormone, which signals to your brain to step things up a notch into “fight or flight” mode. This simultaneously gets you out of “rest, digest and reproduce” mode, and can lead to dwindling sex hormone production. Not only is this bad news for fertility, but can have other negative consequences, including menstrual irregularities, skin and gut issues, mood swings and low libido.

On the other hand, coffee has some quite well-known health benefits, including:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity (meaning reduced risk of diabetes and PCOS)
  • Reduced risk of liver disease (when consumed in moderation)
  • Improved memory and brain function
  • Increased ability to burn fat
  • Great source of antioxidants

[Sarahs add this: The upshot, pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you get jittery and jumpy from coffee, back off for a few days. Your adrenals are telling you they’re overloaded. Also, if you find yourself craving it and unable to go a day without, also back off. Give your body a chance to recalibrate.]

But Kate adds even more…

The weirdest coffee balancing tip ever

Fortunately, there is a way to get the best of both worlds – to enjoy your coffee without negatively affecting your hormones. How so?

Drink a cup of tea (green or black) after your coffee! Yep. It works.

Tea is a great source of the non-essential amino acid l-theanine, which has the ability to negate the cortisol-increasing effects of caffeine. Not only will this be better for your hormones, but you will notice improved mental focus and clarity, as well as a more sustained, calmer energy lift throughout the day, in contrast to the edginess, and peaks and troughs associated with coffee.

Please note: there was a giveaway originally attached to this post. It’s long expired.


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  • JLynn

    Thank you so much for this advice on coffee + green tea! I’ve been following Kate for one year now. I stumbled upon her blog when looking up ways to balance hormones. I struggled with amenorrhea for a few years, but through gaining weight, gentle exercise, and weekly acupuncture, my period came back! I’m now trying to maintain hormonal balance in order to become pregnant (God willing), and it hasn’t been easy to keep the hormones in balance. I would love to read through her book to learn more!

  • Rima E

    Great post and appreciate the coffee and green tea advice! One I have yet to ever hear about and will definitely be trialling it out!

    I really would love to win a copy of your book, Kate. Been following you for a while now and would love to learn how I can get my period back without taking the pill! I am still battling the struggle of Amenorrhea and its been more than just a few years…. Working my best in balancing hormones but I struggle with over exercise which obviously does not help at all!! Looking to make a change, and I believe your book would be the right direction I need in order to not only gain my period back, but also my life.

    • Tracie Lynn

      If you’ve changed your diet, cut out sugar and you’re still struggling, you might need a little extra help. I can highly recommend using plant medicines to help regulate periods as herbs can gently bring you into balance naturally

      • Rima E

        Hi Tracie,

        Appreciate your response!

        I agree that I need a little extra help and would love to learn more about plant bases medicines. Do you recommend any in particular?

        Thank you 🙂

  • Haley Pinnell

    Slowly trying to eat healthily and being mindful of my impact on the world. So much information out there, would be good to have a holistic starting point.

  • Antoinette

    What great advice I would love your book this would really help me with my health and also my daughter who is only 18 but seems to already lack so much energy.
    I try to discipline myself to only one organic coffee at my local cafe up the road every 2 days as I only enjoy the real coffee beans. I was going to buy a coffee machine and buy their beans but I thought I properly drink coffe more then. I have had some hormonal imbalance and I have gone completely natural with contraception iud out a year ago and I’m really getting to know my own body tracking my cycle my cousin has done this method for a few years and working well for her as that is one thing we are rarely taught learn to know our bodies, our cycle. They teach us in sex education about contraception etc but if we get to know what is happening then we work out our hormones better what exactly is going on more.
    My mum and nan was never on any contraception just all natural.
    In this generation we are now lucky to be able to download an app for your cycle. I’m not saying everyone should come off their current contraception but for me this so far has been a great start and very helpful.

  • Amanda Moon

    Wow what a cool tip. Would love to read more hellful tips from Kate’s book…. thanks for the opportunity with the giveaway.

  • Helen Perkins

    If this tip works it’s going to do magic for me. I thought I’d have to quit coffee forever after its repeated and worsening wired angsty mad after effects. I’d like a copy of Katie’s book because this kind of knowledge is something I clearly lack.

    • Grace B

      same here! when my coffee consumption is high I am MEAN!

  • Deepa

    What a cool tip! Luckily my body handles coffee quite well but I do find weight control quite a challenge, despite drastically cutting down on sugar and other simple carbs and increasing protein and vegetable intake. I have also just started treatment for mild hypothyroidism and would love a copy of Kate’s book to help me reshape my diet and lifestyle, look after my endocrine system and to have a healthy body.

  • Astrid Mertzlin

    I just want to be the best I can be. I think this book can help!

    • Hi Astrid,
      You’re one of our winners! Please email [email protected] by end of Tues 22 November to claim your book.
      Congrats to you!

  • Jacqueline Henderson

    I’m hoping a different perspective might finally get the message to my brain… I have a foggy brain?

  • Katy Pirrit

    Thanks Kate, I’m going to try the green tea after coffee trick and see what happens. I would love to win a copy of your book, just to be in a better place for mind and body.

  • Nella Con Mac

    As a sufferer of endometriosis, an I quit sugar fan and sadly someone who breaks out instantly after a delicious coffee, I would love the opportunity to read Kate’s book!! Always searching for solutions and continuously hitting brick walls, maybe it would provide some much needed guidance!!! Thanks

  • Paige

    Very interesting. As a registered acupuncturist, educating women on healthy and hormone friendly ways to enjoy their favourite foods is always hard. I suppose I’m a little confused how adding more sources of caffeine (despite their added health benefits) will improve caffeine metabolism. Would love to read your book to find out more. Thank you 🙂

    • It’s counter-intuitive, right? The l-theanine has the ability to blunt the cortisol response from the caffeine!

  • Sophie Mead

    What a great tip – thank you! I have had a sneaking suspicion that my adrenals have not been loving my coffee addiction of late, and after a number of failed attempts to quit (hello headaches and jitters) I will definitely give this a try. I would love a copy of Kate’s book as I have been focusing on listening to my body, moving more, mindful eating, and resting – so I can be at my best as I prepare to enter a new and exciting phase in my life.

  • Nicole

    Would love a copy of the book to support myself as a new Mum!

  • SGB

    How interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us. I would love love love a copy of Kate’s book – I’m trying to balance my hormones (and my life!) in an effort to return to regular cycles and happier mood 🙂

  • Jess Pace

    thanks! drinking my green tea post cawfee right now 😉

  • Rebecca

    I would love a copy of this! I have ptsd induced hormone issues that I can’t see an end to. Irregular cycle, acne, pms off the charts! Sometimes I’m not even sure what’s worse.

  • Naomi Hurley

    Yas! I would love this book! I have been seeing a naturopath for a year to sort out my crazy hormones and am really hungry for any information I can get 🙂

  • Deborah

    That is the most unique and best balancing health tip I’ve heard in a long time. I will start having a green tea after my morning coffee. I’d love to win a copy of your book Kate as would love to learn more fab interesting food advice. There are so my nutritionist out there now churning out the same old same old. Kate has a refreshing uniqueness. Cool !

  • Amanda Palmer

    I’ve followed her blog for years and get her newsletter I’d love her book to read I’m always aiming for good health so her book will work well to aid me!

    • Hi Amanda,
      Congratulations, you’re one of our winners! Please email [email protected] by end of Tues 22 November to claim your book.

  • JC

    WOW! This so good – to consider the pro’s and con’s of coffee and listen to your body day to day to see if it going to work for you on that day.

    I am currently on a lifestyle and real food journey to help me to feel happy and healthy again – haven’t been able to get off the merry-go-round yet despite doing ‘all the right things’.

    Holistic Nutrition looks amazing! If I’m not one of the lucky winners I may just have to go buy it 🙂

  • Katrina Stuve

    I have chronic fatigue and hypothyroidism which this book would help enormously for, some days are good and others are really bad I just want my energy back but in saying that have found a new love for yoga 🙂

  • Louise Smith

    Thanks for the tip, I often feel anxious and unsettled after drinking coffee, so have been steering clear but will try this as I do miss coffee!
    I would love a copy of the book, I suffer from hormonal imbalances and it effects my body in so many different ways. I eat very healthy, but I would love to find out more.

  • Anette

    I would love to delve into the world of this powerhouse of a woman! My promise: To share her wisdom with every person I meet on my journey of helping women be a better version of themselves. It’s all about sharing the love.
    X, Anette

  • Dale

    Thank you for the coffee tip, I would love to read this book and learn more about holistic nutr

  • Jane

    Ive never heard that trick before! Wow. I would LOVE a copy of Kate’s book because I have hypothalamic amenorrhea, and am on a journey to heal it!! And Kate is so full of wisdom on that subject 🙂

  • Sarah

    Can I ask how long after drinking coffee you need to drink the tea please? And of course would love to win a book for more handy tips!

    • As soon as possible! I have mine pretty much straight after, but I would say within 1/2hr would be best. x

  • Donna Christie

    I’ve been struggling with hormone imbalances for past 2 years, and i’ve changed my diet, and seen many naturopaths and still tackling this. I absolutely love coffee so cutting it sucks, but I notice when I have it everything goes out of whack. this is a great tip! pick me I’d love to read Kate’s book 🙂

  • What interesting info! I used to LOVE coffee but have found for the past few years it gives me terrible cystic acne and anxiety. I was diagnosed with PCOS late last month so it makes total sense to me knowing it affects hormones and fertility! Very into doing some more research by way of Kate’s book so I can get my fertility, hormones, weight and general health back on track!

  • coffeelover

    Confession: am coffee obsessed
    Devastation: yes i am as i’m newly diagnosed with Hashi…
    Hallelujah moment: you might have saved me. this could be the answer.
    Grateful: thank you Kate and Sarah – making every step more bearable


  • Beccness

    I’d love a copy of this book, since being diagnosed with PCOS and coming to understand how our hormones and the gut are so important, I lap up this kind of stuff. Plus, cooking food is life.

  • Claire

    Very interesting article! I would absolutely love a copy of your book! I have insulin resistant PCOS and I was told time and time again by doctors that all I needed to do was ‘eat less’. I have now been seeing a naturopath for 4 years and she has changed my life. I would love to learn even more to keep myself on track. My husband and I are finally in a position to try for a baby. There have been some heartbreaks along the way, but we are positive and I truly believe the natural approach will allow me to become a mother one day and stay true to my body for the rest of my life. Thank you!

  • Irina Grosu

    I would definitely give this a try, I’ve been dealing with hormonal issues my whole life, would love to read Kate’s new book. Thank you!

  • Tessa

    Trying to get my hormones back on track after many years of them being very out of balance!

  • Su

    Thanks for the tip, I do like coffee and it would be nice to drink it knowing it would have less effects on my hormones. The book sounds interesting, I would love to read it.

  • Julie

    Would love to win a copy of the book to learn more crazy tips like this one 🙂

  • Yvette

    This is great advice, I don’t drink coffee as my body hates it! But I do have the occasional decaf…so bad!

    I really want a new perspective on hormones and ways to balance them, after a nasty bout of pneumonia my body is left depleated.

  • sally

    I’m a coffee lover recently and I now I only like it because it gives me a ME alone time moment in the middle of the day. I’ve had a harsh year and the addiction kicked in.. however I’m still mindful and enjoy my coffee with restricting it to a MAX of two cups and reducing.

    Nutrition is my passion having suffered from various eating disorders, JERFing opened a new world for me, and it’s been a slow and amazing learning process.. even as a holistic health coach I’m still learning and discovering… and cooking books are the perfect way to do so since evenuatlly we eat with our eyes first ;)… and having cook books (health ones specially) rewires our brain to try and crave those spesific food groups or combos… and always finiding new things in them and not just recipies wise.

  • Michelle Danks

    I would love a copy as I am having night sweats and seem to have eaten the energiser bunny. Always have to keep moving.

  • Rita

    My 25 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS and loves black coffee. I would love her to get Holistic Nutrition and find some solution in balancing her hormones.

  • Julie

    Interesting tip! I might just try that, although I’ve never enjoyed green tea and I’ve not had black tea for seven years (cut out all caffeine for a while and now only have one coffee per day). I would love a copy of the book as I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to curb cravings and lose weight, on top of random undiagnosed and diagnosed conditions.

  • Lucy

    A copy of Kate’s book could be just what I need right now. After a few months of trying intermittent fasting I have lost my periods, libido and have had crazy mood swings. Suffice to say I’ve stopped strict fasting but I’m struggling with how to get back to normal…if there is such a thing!! Thanks for the advice and opportunity to win the book.

  • Kristy Payne

    I would love to get my hands on your new book. I’m on a ban from purchasing any more books so if i won i wouldn’t have to buy it! It would help me show the family that what i have been talking about is in the book plus i would get to learn even more.

  • Melanie

    This is such an interesting article…something I realised that I had always been doing actually! I often down a cup of white tea after my morning java, so it’s great reassurance that I’m instinctively doing the right thing. I would dearly love to win a copy of Kate’s book, as I’m suffering from some serious hormone imbalances and possible early menopause…I would love to kickstart some new ideas into my body and take charge of my health once again. Thanks to Sarah and Kate for highlighting the importance of the tricky hormone balance equation! xx

  • Rebekah Hudson

    Thank you for introducing me to Kate Callaghan! I’m looking forward to checking out more of her website. I’d love a copy of Holistic Nutrition, as I’m a mum of four small children, struggling with fatigue and aching for some time now. I’d love some reinforcement in the nutrition field, to help me to feed myself and my family the best food to promote our wellness.

  • Patricia McLennan

    Have been following you on my Hashimoto journey and your guidance has been so helpful. Would love to get a copy of the book to incorporate with what I am doing already towards better health. Thanks for everything.

  • Emily

    What a neat trick! It’s been years since I gave up coffee in an attempt to save my adrenals, but I admit I still crave it sometimes. I’d love to win a copy of Kate’s book as it sounds like it’ll be full of more helpful tips and would love to support a local.

  • Kat

    Great tip – I just finished a coffee and will now make myself a cup of tea! I’d love to find out more in Kate’s book. I love her site!

  • Natalie Dutton

    Thanks that’s a great tip, I’m exactly like that hormone issues all through my life & was asked to stop coffee which was the hardest thing ever 🙁 I stopped my early morning wake up cup & pushed it back to 11:00 am.. But it’s so hard as I don’t need coffee to wake up but rather wake up to drink coffee that’s how much I love it. So I’m going to try the green tea after my coffee from now.

  • Stacia

    Thanks for the great tip. I love coffee but hate the effect it sometimes has on me. Hoping this helps! I am very interested in finding more out about nutrition & eating well. I would love to win a copy of Kaye’s book please.

  • Marina

    Wow i definetly have to give this trick a go. I love my coffee but drink around 3-4 cups a day and can feel the effects it has..
    Would love to win a copy of Kate’s Holistic Nutrition as i firmly believe that the body needs to be treated as a whole to benefit and not just the symptoms..

  • Iulia Manolache

    Very useful tip! I would love to read the book. Lately I suffer from hormone imbalance and my focus is to balance it in a healthy way through food and movement. This book would help me a lot!

  • Lisa McRobert

    Great advice! I would love to win a copy as I am working to try balance my hormones but I am very much at the beginning of my journey and still have so much to learn ?

  • Narelle

    This is great advice! I’m going to try it tomorrow. I’ve had to cut out coffee recently due to hormonal headaches. I’m hoping with this advice I can add a couple of coffees in. I’d love to in her book- sounds like there would be heaps of useful advice in it I could use!

  • Stefanie

    Writing this with my coffe and tea on the side 🙂 thank you for this post. Would love a copy of the book, still strugeling since I came of the pill.

  • Ines McKean

    Very interesting tip re coffee with tea consumption! I would love to win this book, I have autoimmune conditions and, whilst they are managed with a combination of diet, lifestyle and prescribed infusion, I’m keen to better understand and support my hormones. My beautiful Mum passed away from breast cancer where there is no family history at all, I’m committed to do everything I can to prevent myself and my children and other family members from suffering the same fate.

  • Bridget

    Would love a copy of the book for more tips like this one!

  • Anthea

    I would LOVE a copy of your book. I’m struggling with ovarian cysts and although the doctor prescribed the contraceptive pill… they have made me feel so awful, and I would far rather get rid of them naturally if I can. Thank you for your amazing blog and great advice.

  • Pauline

    Wow that tip is too easy!!!! Thank you. I need to read more…… Clever women empowering women. X

  • NicNol

    Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge!!! Knowledge = power. Thank you for helping us become more powerful in the fight against hormone imbalance! 🙂

  • Meagan

    I like to drink a coffee a day and will be trying this as I am having trouble balancing my hormones after years of birth control. Thank you, I am looking forward to checking this book out.

  • Christy Gnad

    Interesting tip! I love my coffee but hate how I’m feeling with my out of whack hormones. I’d love to learn more and read the book!

  • KPriz

    I work in the health industry and I regularly see how coffee can contribute to health problems. “But I can’t function without it” is a common phrase I hear and I get terrified looks when I suggest a small decrease in caffeine intake. I will be trying this little tip out today! If there’s anymore of these handy insights then I’d love to get a copy of Kate’s book!

  • Jade Brodie

    I have had hormonal issues my whole adult life. Now that we’re thinking about starting a family, I would love to read Kate’s book for some natural ways to assist my health and fertility.

  • Persephone

    I would love a copy of the book! I have endometriosis and a heart condition have felt unhealthy and ‘wrong’ my whole life and have recently started trying to improve my quality of life by changing the quality of my diet and lifestyle – it’s definitely working so far!

  • Georgie

    I would love to win a copy of Kate’s book as my vagina is currently the size of a lentil after suffering from an eating disorder (read; my hormones are not doing their thang)!

  • Paula Aluap

    I can’t drink any coffee, it makes me jittery and anxious. I’m a nutrition student (and nerd) and would love to read more about Kate’s approach to holistic nutrition.

  • Julie McPherson

    That’s funny as I’ve been instinctively having a cup of black tea after my coffee for a while now and wondering if I was on the right track?! Having adrenal fatigue and hypothyrodism myself (with all those lovely symptoms like irregular periods) I think I would benefit from reading Kate’s book if I were to win it!?

  • Melinda Spencer

    I’ve been looking for a reason not to give up coffee and finally have found it. I love green tea as well, so a win, win. Thank you

  • Liz K

    I’m three months postpartum and the hormones are a bit funky (ok, probably more than a bit). Would love the book as inspiration to do something about it!

  • henripen

    I could sure use some help with my hormones! Please may you pop me into the hat? I’ll warn you though… If I win I may cry… or giggle, or scowl, it’s hard to say!

  • Emma

    Coffee? YES PLEASE!! Holistic Nutrition? YES PLEASE!
    I didn’t drink coffee until my late 20s and now as a mum of ‘2 under 2’ I almost crave it in the morning. At the same time, I can absolutely relate to the topic of hormones and hormonal imbalance. Being pregnant and not pregnant, on the pill and off the pill, breastfeeding and not breastfeeding (and in between coffee coffee coffee) my hormones have been all over the show.
    I have hypothyroidism (who doesn’t these days!) and this too has been up and down (down down down) with the two pregnancies. That is, from 50mg every day to 150mg most days. i absolutely know the two- the thyroid ‘stuff’ and the hormone ‘stuff’- go hand in hand. It shows in my low energy, crankiness and brain fog and lack of interest in sexy time. My poor hubby!!
    Thanks for the tip about the green tea. So great to know I don’t have to cut out a drink and a ritual that I look forward to in the morning before the house wakes up. Have a great day xx

  • Rosie

    Great advise! I drink decaf coffee as the normal stuff makes me feel like crap, but I love the taste! I always wondered why coffee makes me feel bad and tea (which I also love) doesn’t, well now I know! Every now and then I will get a normal coffee just to see how it goes and every time I end up feeling like rubbish, which on top of autoimmune issues (rheumatoid arthritis) isn’t great. Would love to have a read of your new book Kate it sounds amazing! Thanks for a very interesting article ladies, love your work!

  • Angelika

    Hello Sarah and Kate, thank you for the post and a chance at a giveaway. Sarah, I have learned so much from you by quitting sugar 5 years ago and battling Hashimoto’s, and now Graves. I would love an opportunity to learn more from Kate and get insights into holistic living and other ways in coping.

  • Therese S. Totten

    Awesome advice on coffee- I admit I am one of those who can’t Kim function without it. I also think I have hormone issues as I am tired all the time and crave coffee and dark chocolate like no-One’s business. The book sounds amazing, especially if I can still have my coffee and drink it, too 😉

  • LizaT

    Fantastic news! How soon after coffee should you have a cup of tea?

  • Samantha

    Good Afternoon!

    I love this tip and am passing it along to several of my coffee drinking friends. I would love to earn one of Kates books!! I have recently started my journey of healthy living and am soaking up any and all information I can get my hands on. 🙂

    Thank you.

  • Kate Morris

    Thanks so much for that advice! I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia 5 years ago. I’ve made great headway with managing my symptoms through changing my nutrition and cutting out things like sugar, alcohol and caffeine but I do love coffee! Only every now and then!, but this tip would make a real difference and I’d be so keen to learn more because despite my best efforts I can’t seem to quite conquer balancing out my hormones. I’m a student at IIN and I’m loving all I’m learning but I can’t get these hormones to behave!! Thanks for all your great work Sarah and Kate!

  • Jasmine Mackie

    Great tip! I’ve just started a Masters in Nutrition with a view to use my knowledge to share the importance of diet and nutrition in reducing chance of debilitating conditions and disease, and simply to be our best. Sounds like I’m on the same wavelength as Kate I’d love a copy of this book!

  • Kate

    I often wonder if coffee is something I should reduce/eliminate, thank you for the advice! I’d LOVE a copy of Kate’s book to learn some more 🙂 x

  • Laura Baxter

    I always look forward to my Friday Sarah Wilson email filled with great information- love this green tea tip!

  • Catherine Vial

    Interestingly enough I have been doing this trick for about a month NOT realizing that it was a trick! Would like to know what else I am missing! Tx and even if I do not get your book, I wish you the best of luck with it!

  • EB

    What a wonderful, mind expanding tip! No need for compromise just tweak and refine! Will put it to the test straight away! Thank you and I am really intrigued about the book now!

  • Menke Drenth

    Good morning I am thrilled with your info Sarah and Kate I’ve had hormone imbalances for over a year now which I think is because of stress would love to know more about it trough your book, its hard to find a way on how to approach it. I love the cafe scene and don’t want to miss out, I am struggling with the after affects of coffee so great info.
    Thanks from Menke

  • Robyn

    Great post, I do love my coffee. Happy to have a green tea to counter the effects, Yay!

  • Astrid

    Funny this, I avoid both coffee and green and black tea as the also makes me jittery and uneasy, any advice on that or would using them both still level that effect? I am very curious as I would like to enjoy the health benefits of both by moderate use

    • Hey Astrid. If green or black tea alone still give you the jitters, then you are likely very sensitive to caffeine and probably best to stick with just decaf green tea and coffee (one that has been decaffeinated using swiss water filtration method, not chemical). x

      • Astrid

        Thank you Kate, I will try that as I have always wondered why I was not much better on decaf. I will look up swiss water filtration, thanks again 🙂

  • Robyn Wood

    This would be a wonderful book for me. Imbalance of hormones is affecting my life greatly! Foggy brain too! ? ? Would love this.

  • Elisabeth

    I’m wondering if this “trick” helps hormonal balance after menopause, too. I am having a real problem! Thanks so much. I would love to win Kate’s book!

    • It can certainly help to mitigate any negative effects from having coffee alone! x

      • Elisabeth

        Thank you, Kate. I’ll sure give it a try!

  • CateJ

    Hello! I would love to win a copy of this beautiful book (and will buy it if I don’t!) because this is just the support I need having just worked out that I’ve been riding the hormone roller coaster and I’m ready to get off!! Thanks to Sarah and Kate and their teams for offering all their knowledge with such passion.

  • trigga

    Thanks for the article. Kate’s specialties are exactly what I need help with… my hormones are a mess and my husband and I have been TTC for 2 years with no luck. Looking for any help that might have a positive impact.

  • NOemi Ko

    Kate’s book would be a big chalenge for me.

  • e

    Perhaps you could put a little green tea in the glass of water when you sit down at a cafe to have after your coffee

  • Loretta

    “I need this book. I am a woman” (quote). Thanks for the tip re the green tea, but I love the lingering aftertaste of a good coffee. So be it, I need the green tea to help my 66 year old hormones. After menopause, I thought everything would just be quietly normal – hey how wrong was I!
    Thanks Sarah, love your guidance/influence in my life.

  • Zoey

    Great article! Thank you for the wonderful tip of drinking tea after a coffee, I must start this. I would love to win a copy of your book Kate, and to start implementing your advice to sort out my hormones. I have PCOS, Hashi’s and have been keep Endo at bay for some time now. It has been, and still is at times, a hard road in healing. I try to be careful with what I put in my body, on my body, and of course reduce stress as much as possible. My partner and I are wanting to start trying for our first child soon, and I want to do everything I can to make sure my body, hormones and endocrine system are in the best possible shape they can be for this! I think your book will help so much with this 🙂 xo

  • Alicia

    Hi, I would LOVE to have a copy of this book, I’ve had Ill Health for 19 years, with Chronic fatigue and I am nearly on top of it. With healthy food and detoxing, no chemicals and a good balance of exercise and a healthy mind has helped me a lot, I’ve put the hard yards in over the years and am finally getting some good results with no help form Doctors. I do a lot of research and trial and error. I love reading about holistic health, I’m currently starting my Naturopathic certificate and would like to have my own clinic later on so I can help people with chronic fatigue/immune issues

  • Jenna

    This is such a great tip – I’m a bit of a coffee fiend, and have noticed such crazy differences when I don’t have a cup (or two) one day. Hormonal ups and downs have been something I’ve tried to manage as long as I can remember, and now that I’m pregnant they are even more psycho. Would love to read Kate’s book and put some more of her tricks into practice!

  • Katy Smith

    Awesome post Sarah! I struggle with caffeine but adore it, will definitely try Kate’s tea trick.
    I have major gut health issues, recurrent pancreatitis, and no menstrual cycle at all currently. Caffeine (already don’t eat sugar) has been my latest thing to target on eliminating and I do miss it. Once a 2 coffee a day girl, I can now go without one days in a row and have noticed my stress levels feel more regulated. Kate’s book sounds fascinating & something I am adding to my must read list!
    Looking forward to the next post! X

  • Nicola

    I enjoy coffee, but I rarely usually drink it as I love tea more.
    I hadn’t thought of my current increased coffee intake being the cause of my recent skin breakouts. I had put it down to stress, as I am currently overseas for a few months for the first time on my own.
    I am going to have to look into this and try this tip and see if it helps.

  • Melinda Soo-shi

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  • Ang Ericson

    That’s amazing! I’ve missed coffee tremendously (it’s delicious), but it was having too big an impact on my cortisol, I’m so keen to try this out to see if I can enjoy the odd cup again. You know I’ve referred a couple of clients to Kate’s blog posts on amennorhea and lunaception lately but haven’t had the time to stop by myself for a good read, I didn’t realise she’d released a book – congratulations! I’d love to win a copy! xo

  • Tara

    Yes, my daily coffee is a must have treat everyday, but I know on the flip side the consequences…. as i also have immune issues it really is something that I must decrease. I wlll try this little tip as I am aware of the jittery jumpy feeling you describe so well.

  • mariamesias

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  • Coralie

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  • Kate

    Hello! I would love a copy of Kate’s book. I have thyroid issue and IBS and have found great relief by managing my diet (along side medication recommended). Holistic nutrition is a very interesting topic for me, and I loved to be able to share what I learn with my medically trained family who are MD’s & RN’s but are very open to holistic therapies.

  • Nessa Mc

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  • sue

    good advice i will give it a go. got nothing to lose trying something new.

  • Mandy

    I love stumbling across **gems** like this!
    Being the main carer for my Mum with Alzhiemer’s,
    you can imagine how difficult it must be to watch
    my Mum basically “unravel”. It has also prompted
    me to **be mindful**. It was a term that I’d heard
    in the background of my chaotic life – but it NOW
    resonates to the core of my being. Thank you Sarah
    and Kate for scattering precious jewels.

  • Ladonna m

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    Thank you for the tip on coffee/green or black tea. Will try tomorrow morning after my coffee pick me up ?? Mukula

  • Belinda

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  • Sophie

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    • As soon as possible, ideally. I would say within 30mins. x

  • Jennifer

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    • Yes decaf coffee is fine, but just try and get one that has been decaffeinated using the “Swiss water filtration method” rather than chemical decaffeination. x

  • Bec

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  • sunnywonder

    Wow! I have actually done this- not trying to be healthier, but wanting just a bit more caffeine, but not the kick in the pants of coffee. Now that I know how beneficial it is, I will make a point of doing it more often. Thanks!

  • Cgatelyoz

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  • Sarah Pfeffer

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    I have an 11 wk old baby & as a new Mum I’m relying a lot on my caffeine habit to get me through the long days. A copy of your book would be so beneficial in helping me to get back on track to good postnatal health so that I can continue to look after my health in the best way & thus support my family to the fullest.

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  • Annalyse

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    Hi Ladies – I would love a copy of Kate’s new book! I’m a new Fertility Health Coach and would love to learn and share any insite that you have to offer 🙂

    Also, I love coffee and have been trying to slowly get off it and noticed having green tea in the morning and sometimes have coffee in the afternoon I don’t have that anxious feeling, just alertiness 🙂 Great tip!

  • Donna Clauser

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    You just made my day with this news !
    Type 1 Diabetic Warrior, Hashimoto’s battler, Fibromyalgia survivor … And totally addicted to my morning coffee …

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  • Kate

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  • Sarah

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  • Michele

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  • Julia Morton

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  • Hi Sarah! I’ve never heard the coffee — green tea trick, but I usually drink coffee in the morning and green tea in the afternoon. Thanks!

  • ying

    What about mixing coffee and tea together? Hong Kong has a style of drink where coffee and tea are mixed together, with milk. It has an interesting taste.

  • Lou Lou Beauty Box

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