I caught up with Danielle LaPorte the other day. I wanted to ask her a bit about anxiety. She gets it. She writes about it.


I’ve followed her White Hot Truths for a while. And her career in the self-help-of-the-brutal-variety realm. (Note: Danielle tours Australia next month, with special guest Clare Bowditch. Details, and a ticket giveaway, below). A while back she dropped one of her “truth bombs”:

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude

I like this. I’ve dug around on the topic of late. Alex Korb writes in The Grateful Brain, ‘Gratitude can have such a powerful impact on your life because it engages your brain in a virtuous cycle. Your brain only has so much power to focus its attention. It cannot easily focus on both positive and negative stimuli.’ Literally, you can’t be grateful and anxious at the same time. You can, thus, derail your anxiety by being grateful. Chuck a bomb under it!

On top of this, research shows gratitude stimulates the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that regulates anxiety.

Korb adds that the brain loves to fall for the confirmation bias – it looks for things that prove what it already believes to be true. ‘So once you start seeing things to be grateful for, your brain starts looking for more things to be grateful for.’

And thusly interrupting anxiety even more.

I asked Danielle a little more about her anxious thinking.

Me: Why do we get anxious?

DLP: Because every time anxiety shows up, it’s our psyche’s way of saying, “Knock knock, I’ve got something to show you about yourself that you really should see.”

Me: How do you cope with it?

DLP: I get in front of it. I prepare every day with a regular esoteric practice. I meditate every morning.

Me: Tell me more…

DLP: The fuzz and fogginess of anxiety creates a kink in your energy system. And distorts perspective on EVERYTHING. So it’s difficult to reach for courage or positivity when we’re anxious. But reach we must. So that’s why we have to practice for when it comes.

Me: Meditation…and what else helps?

DLP: Breathing exercises. Anxiousness is just ordinary and reasonable fear without the breath. Add in breath and you come back to centre.

Me: The worst upshot of anxiety?

DLP: It tells us the lie that we’re not safe.

Me: Are we more anxious today because we have less spiritual (or otherwise) guidance?

DLP: We have more access to tools than ever before…to all kinds of spiritual tools, one of which will fit the shape of your heart. The thing is a lot of people don’t do the work.

Me: Is there a light side to anxiety?

DLP: Anxiety is a wakeup call, it’s our soul’s GPS system that tells us when things aren’t right. When you’re in the anxiety, sure, you can’t analyse what your soul is saying and get back to centre. The trick, then, is that when you’re back to centre, you MUST analyse what got you off centre.

Me: What’s been the most successful Truth Bomb?

DLP: “Find your tribe and love them hard.” It speaks to our longing for connection and commitment.

Me: And your favourite?

DLP: “Love love”. Be in love with the concept of love. That’s who I am. This Bomb gives myself permission, affects who I hang with, my business policy.

And now to the giveaway.

I have 2 x double passes to give away for each city (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) of Danielle’s February Tour.
Simply share below why you’d love to attend, before Tuesday January 17.
(Include your city and your contact email in your comment so we can get in touch with you!)
We’ll be choosing and announcing winners Wednesday January 18.




Have your say, leave a comment.

  • Rose Montgomery

    It would be fantastic to attend, to find out more about how to change my perspective in anxiety-inducing situations. Instead of letting the anxiety take over, I would love to learn some strategies to convert that energy into seeing the positive side of things.

    Rose Montgomery, Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Melissa Kennedy

    I would love to attend so I can learn skills and strategies to enrich my life and the lives of the students I teach at a local public high school.
    [email protected]


  • Natalie Mardell

    “Interrupt anxiety with gratitude” was a just what I needed to read this morning – thank you both very much!
    Attending Danielle’s talk and receiving some much needed truth bombs would continue to empower me (and no doubt others) on the path to be my best possible self. 2017 marks the beginning of great things for us all.

    Natalie x
    [email protected], Sydney

  • Greg Molloy

    Anxiety and depression have stolen years of my life. I have lost an incredibly meaningful relationship. I have lost jobs. I am living in a fearful state a lot of the time, despite doing everything I can. I am missing something, that much is clear. I’m desperate to reclaim the amazing life I know I have inside and all around me.
    [email protected]

    • Anita Cabell

      Greg i am sorry to hear that you are suffering so badly. It’s a rotten crippling pain i know. i also
      suffered (as did my mother) and i’d seen countless therapists and coaches. One day, maybe as a last resort, my attention was piqued by something similar post to this and i decided, quite bravely for me to be honest :), to study a
      course in neuroscience (i never thought of myself as smart). Social
      neuroscience has given me so many tools and so much insight into
      depression and many other things, that i began to understand so much about how i could deal with it. it was worth the effort to learn how what science knows about depression because i began to feel empowered and no
      longer a slave to may own mind. Learning from science helped me
      conquer my depression. I built a toolkit that has kept me safe for over 5 years now. The other upside is that in my daily life (I hope) i’m more tolerant, understanding and
      empathetic to others – so in the end I hope that put my
      years of pain to good use. I wish you so well on your journey and hope that you can find that lever that helps you live the life you deserve to.

  • Jess Burton

    I feel like it was a sign, coming across this post this morning. Never have I struggled with anxiety more than I am at this point in my life. I would absolutely love to attend Danielle’s February tour, to gain some insight and perspective on what is such a struggle for me. The idea of interrupting anxiety with gratitude resonates well with me, but I’ve just never been able to get in front and do it. Would love to learn how to.

    Jess, Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Melanie McTaggart

    My little Sister and I have led life until now under the grip and shadow of anxiety – we want to be able to breathe freely. Help us to help ourselves and our children. Mel McTaggart – Melbourne. [email protected]

  • Rebekah Davis

    I have followed Danielle’s work for years and would love the opportunity to see her speak live. I am 5 months pregnant so it feels like an extra special thing to do right now. xx
    Rebekah, Brisbane
    [email protected]

  • Jess Bradford

    I just read the truth bomb on IG and immediately thought “holy crap, that’s what I’ve been doing”. I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was that had reduced my anxiety after making some big life changes, that would normally trigger anxiety. It was this. Being [embarassingly] unfamiliar with any of her work, I’d love the opportunity to see Danielle speak, to see what other truths she can unearth from my subconscious. Cheers, Jess Bradford, Brisbane. [email protected]

  • Chantelle

    Hey Sarah!
    I’m also a long time Danielle follower, I love her way of just cutting to the core but with so much grace and love. Anxiety is something I struggle with and lately it’s become much harder to ignore or deal with, so I would love to hear Danielle’s words on how to find a new path to help understand it better.
    I’m from Perth, so winning tickets would be amazing, and I’d happily fly to any of the cities 🙂
    Chantelle Malone (Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane)
    [email protected]

  • Prue

    I was chatting with my mum and sister the other day about how I use grateful thoughts to interrupt negative thought patterns but I hadn’t thought about using them to interrupt anxiety. I would love to attend to learn more about this.
    [email protected]

  • Kylie

    I’d love to have the opportunity to receive such a huge gift to attend Danielle’s workshop to help me continue to grow as a person and to trust my path is leading me where I am destined to go.

    Kylie, Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Emily

    I would love to attend for a dose of soul-boosting butt-kicking truth bombs. This new year has started with a whirlwind of change for me, which can often bring anxiety with it, loved this great advice from Danielle & all of her work. Would be super happy to witness her energy in person!

    Emily Cordes, Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Jennifer Smallridge

    I’m probably the opposite to everyone here in that I’m new to Danielle’s work! I suppose you are meant to receive things at the right time.. I felt a strong urge recently to buy The Desire Map and since then have been seeing her pop up everywhere. If I don’t win a pass to her tour, I’ll be certainly buying some 🙂

    Jennifer Smallridge, Melbourne
    [email protected]

  • Amelia

    This all just thrills me to bits. It truly enthuses and energises me. This is just another massive sign to keep doing the work, keep taking the risks, keep stepping forward into the unknown. All from that quiet, wise place of compassion and trust. I can just feel that 2017 is a huge year, a big one for this life journey, and seeing things like this insta post this morning is yet another sign along the way for me to stay courageous, trust my intuition, don’t over-intellectualise, keep the heart open. I would be super interested in seeing Danielle live to see where it takes me! Amelia, Melbourne, [email protected]

  • Sally Brisbane

    I so need this. I am on meds to help clear the fog and fuzziness…its a major push every day to just get basic daily things done.
    Sally x
    [email protected]

  • Genevieve

    I would love to attend Danielle’s talk. Anxiety has been my companion for a number of years so her truth bomb hit close to the bone! Very interested in hearing more about her take on things and steps we can take to live honest meaningful life
    [email protected]


  • Sheridan Bowen

    Going through a hard time, need to hear some truth bombs. Need to get my shit sorted! Sydney [email protected]

  • Sarah Cleghorn

    In 2012, a Forbes article introduced Danielle LaPorte to me.

    She attributed her career success to never waiting for ‘permission’ to make things better. That sentence electrified me and poured light onto my life-long addiction to approval. She catapulted me from obedient good girl to insoucient maker-of-betterness.

    In that spirit, I’m upping stumps and moving interstate (this weekend!) in order to catalyse the next phase of my contribution and I’d gratefully receive the gift of her energy, live, to fertilise this change.

    Sarah Cleghorn, Brisbane (as of 16 Jan!)
    [email protected]

  • Tameka Buckley

    Pick me! Pick me! My workplace was wrecked during the floods, that hit Melbourne’s Bayside region, after Christmas. So I now have no job.

    Typically, the notion of starting the year with a mortgage and no job, would shoot my anxiety of the richter scale. Fortunately my meditation practise has allowed me to stay grounded in the truth that everything is unfolding perfectly as it should… I can detach from the anxiety, but it’s still front and centre!

    I would love to learn more about Danielle’s take on anxiety and other ways to keep our vibration high, during times of high stress, or just your every anxious human life.

    Tameka, Melbourne
    [email protected]

  • Melissa MacLean

    My wonderful holistic doctor recommended Danielle LaPorte to me and I would love to attend Danielle’s talk. I looked into tickets when they first came out but I just couldn’t afford them. [email protected] Sydney

  • Wendy Smith

    THIS is the year. So many incredible inspiring people are coming to Australia. It’s a sign of what we are manifesting. It’s time for us all to put ourselves first, our growth first, and our wellness first. To become who we are. Danielle LaPorte arrives on our shores first. I can’t wait to be there.
    Sydney – [email protected]

  • Jessica Bowditch

    Danielle is a sassy angel spreading her powerful truth bombs all over the world and I’d love to see this powerful women do her thing in person!! I’ve recently made a massive career change from news reporter to Heath Coach and I would love to soak up Danielle’s teachings to help to better serve my amazing clients. I hope to help spread the love and #gratitude xxx

    Jessica Bowditch, Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Bec

    Hi! I’d love to attend this talk because not only do I struggle with anxiety but my Mum, my boyfriend, my brother, my workmates … they all struggle with anxiety too and I want to help. I’ve started a health club at work to tackle all aspects of health and wellbeing and I’d be so grateful to have this as a resource and to help spread the word that we DO have tools and options and hope!
    Thanks so much for reading,
    [email protected]

  • Larissa Darcy

    Everyday, for the last few years I have been grateful for Danielle’s work. It spoke to me in a way I cannot explain and it has changed so many things in my life and the way I look at things. Her words are the reminder, the boost that I need. To hear her speak her truth and love would be an experience of a lifetime. Everyday is filled with gratitude x Larissa Darcy, Sydney
    [email protected].

  • Domonique

    Oh, Danielle LaPorte. My girl crush! Unwavering as it is real. I love this woman and all the soul and heart she projects in everything that she does. I’d love to attend and learn to lead (life & business) more in this way. To swallow her truth bombs like the shot of harsh whisky (or in my case, glass of red) that that they can be and be ignited and transformed at the same time. Yes please Sarah!

    [email protected] – Sydney

  • Denise

    Wow I feel like I’ve gained so much from just reading this post alone! I’ve been following Danielle for quite some time now and would be super duper grateful to have the opportunity to attend her show 🙂

  • Lenka

    I want to crush the anxiety that is holding me back from letting those close to me love me because of hurt and mistakes from the past.

    Lenka, Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Mel Macaulay

    Thank you, thank you and thank you. These would be my words to you if I could attend ??

    Mel from Melbourne
    [email protected]

  • cass adams

    Man, would I love to be in a room to listen to Danielle’s golden way she views the world and to no doubt hear the body awakening truthbombs. What a way to start 2017. I would be very grateful for this gift. Thank you. Cass [email protected] Melbourne

  • Kirilly

    I love Danielle’s ‘truth bombs’ and would love to hear from her in person because I love the simplicity, honesty and truth in Danielle’s work and would love to share in more of her strategies ‘to find my centre’.
    Kirilly Short, Melbourne, [email protected]

  • Tania Grasseschi

    My son struggles with anxiety. I would be so grateful if we could attend Danielle’s presentation in Sydney to help him find better ways to manage it.
    [email protected]

  • Sam

    5 months ago my husband separated from me. I’m now a single mum, trying to piece life back together.
    I’ve followed both you and DLP for all the years. Each life changing. I love the way you both look at life, grapple with the tough questions, and try to turn towards love.

    As I spend 2017 going through more transition I would LOVE to go and see DLP live. And hopefully have a little singalong with Claire Bowditch.

    [email protected]

  • Renee McKenzie

    I would love to switch my perspective and had to pick my jaw up when reading Danielle’s answers above as it’s so interesting to change your mindset from defeated to kick ass!!
    I would love to be able to share what I’ve learnt with others also so it has a ripple effect!
    [email protected]

  • I would love to attend Danielle’s event in Sydney. I recently purchased her desire planner for the first time and I’m really enjoying it. I also love Danielle’s presence and way she presents in her videos and online collaborations. I feel her in person event would be nothing short of life changing. She has been a revolutionary for our generation.

    Sonya Forrest – [email protected]
    Sydney NSW

  • Nikki

    I love this article, love Danielle and I love, love.
    I truly believe Gratitude is the way of keeping anxiety and depression at bay… first thing in the morning, I send a msg to 3 of my BFFs listing 3 things I’m grateful for… I’ve been doing it for just over a month… its amazing the great things that have happened in my life since. Gratitude begets gratitude.
    I’d love to add “I got showered in truth bombs at Danielle’s show” to my long growing list of things to be grateful for.

    Nikki Chapman in Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Ann Marie Angebrandt

    My 23-year-old daughter has suffered from anxiety since she was a little girl. She’s seen doctors, naturopaths, psychologists, counsellors, done meditation workshops and more with various, but ultimately short-term forms of success. She has so much to be grateful for and she knows it but she keeps falling back into this way of thinking. This workshop about ‘interrupting’ her anxiety and learning to replace anxiety with gratitude sounds like just what she needs to hear. And I’d love to go with her to continue offering her my love and support.
    Ann Marie, Melbourne
    [email protected]

  • Lyndal G

    I’ve been on permanent night shift for the past year and I cannot begin to describe the level of tired that is bone deep.. I got the courage to make some big bold brave decisions which will literally change everything and it would be amazing to attend to be surrounded by a group of people leaning in working toward the same thing… to be encouraged, lifted and supported by those who have gone before!

    [email protected]

  • Bodylikeanowl

    My younger sister suffers terribly from Anxiety. I would love to be able to show her my support and accompany her to hear Danielle speak

  • Bodylikeanowl

    My younger sister suffers terribly from Anxiety. I would love to be able to show her my support and accompany her to hear Danielle speak and learn ways without medication to move through the bad times
    [email protected]

  • Chris

    I simply want to …”Love love”.

  • Rosie Steenholdt

    I would be so high on gratitude if I could attend! ?✨? I was aware of Danielle’s Australian tour the moment it was announced but I live in Hobart and the logistics of making the trip were complicated. The complication has gone, but also the opportunity to buy a ticket has ? I’ve loved her work from the get go. She’s smart, sexy, sensual and honest! It’s so important to see female role models who come ordinary roots have made mistakes along the way and aren’t afraid to reveal that. She’s a genuine advocate for exploring and expressing what you really feel and chasing your desires. Desires come from feelings and we all benefit from being more in tune with how we feel. Being brought up in a household where we didn’t discuss our feelings, let alone desires, this is something I’m trying to get more comfortable with. For me also, her embrace of female sensuality and an unpretentious exploration of new age spirituality is a powerful message to all women to step into their femininity and be brave, bold and authentic. I would love to attend for my own personal growth, but also to help share her message with others! Rosie xxx
    Rosie Steenholdt, Hobart
    [email protected]

  • Rachael Gibson

    I couldn’t be more grateful for reading this article. The wisdom of Danielle is exactly how I try to thin every time some worrying thoughts arise. I would like to help someone very near and dear to me interrupt some anxiety with gratitude, so I shared this article to them immediately! Attending Danielle’s tour would be so uplifting and motivating to continue helping others in a direction of positive mindset and health by sharing such wisdom and gratitude.
    [email protected]

  • Jade

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for this opportunity! I would love to attend Danielle’s Brisbane event. For the last 7-8 years I’ve been living in the anxiety closet. Not only did I hide it from my friends, family and workmates but I was even trying to hide it from myself. Last year after lots of soul searching, regular meditation practice and an incredible kinesiology session I had my own truth bomb moment and decided to tell my fiancé, best friend and Mum about my secret battle. That night I was a slobbering mess, but I also never felt more free, light and bright in my life! I realised it wasn’t until I faced the dark, that I could truly see the light. Less anxiety, more truth (bombs), I say! Jade x

    [email protected]

  • beeleebell

    I live near Sydney and would absolutely love to attend this talk. Recently I have been trying to make it my default reaction, when faced with negative situations, to think about how lucky I am to have what I have. I am constantly amazed how a situation can stay the same, yet become something neutral if not positive simply through getting a little perspective. I would love to learn some more on the topic, and other ways to grow and nurture this way of life.

  • Zoë Wightman

    I would love to bask in the intelligence, wisdom and honest warmth of an evening with Danielle and Claire (in Sydney!). I need to learn how to get out of my own way. Personally and professionally. I think an evening like this will help me on that journey and fuel the fire of motivation, exhilaration and inspiration. Daninelle La Porte kindling is the best kind of kindling!

    Zoë – Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Susan Hannan

    Yes please, Sarah! I am 61 and facing huge life changes. Home, career and relationship. (All flavoured with anxiety) I would love to attend Danielle’s talk as a way of celebrating this new phase of my life. Thank you in advance, Susan. (Melbourne/[email protected])

  • Keiran Damen

    Would love to go! I think my friend, who I would take, would benefit greatly from this.
    “Find your tribe and love them hard.” ❤

    Keiran, Melbourne.

    [email protected]

  • Tamara Armstrong

    Once again your blog post couldn’t be more timely Sarah. I just spent the night wrestling my head and big bouts of anxiety when I should have been sleeping. Amazing advice from DLP, just need to not analyse what got me off centre when it’s 3am and I’m dead tired. i figured out last night’s issue, I’m way too connected to social media right now and it’s feeding the beast. Ready to take a hiatus and do the work necessary to get back to my centre. Meditation, more painting and long walks in the forest ? Thank you friend xx

  • A dear friend and I will be in Sydney and have been talking about attending Danielle’s event, as we both follow her and very much connect with her message and energy. I would be so inspired by seeing her raw authenticity in person, as this is how I strive to live everyday. I used to have chronic anxiety as I was living so far out of my truth in my work, relationship, body – all aspects of my life. I’ve made many changes in my life to heal this. But it recently resurfaced, as I had some strong feelings of being unsafe whilst relocating. I’m sure that Danielle’s wise words will be timely and powerful for me.

  • Louise Crawford

    It took me nearly 15 years to rediscover me after suffering clinical depression. I thought I had lost her and was just weak and pathetic and incompetent because I could be happy. I didn’t realise I had a mental illness. I blamed myself. When I finally (after endless self-development courses, therapy & tears) realised it was okay and I had not failed if I took medication, I slowly journeyed back to exuberant self. I want to continue on this path and help others love themselves. Seeing Danielle in person would rock my world!


    [email protected]

  • Melanie

    I am intrigued by her truth bombs and messages here. I have not followed her but if the core of her message is love, love; I’m a covert! That is the ultimate truth.
    [email protected]

  • BodyFabulous

    After a very bad nights sleep last night due to terrible anxiety – this is exactly what I needed to read this morning. An attitude of gratitude to help derail these negative thoughts has really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing this Sarah & Danielle. I would love to find out more about how to practice this effectively. To see Danielle in Brisbane would be a blessing ??? [email protected]

  • Cristy

    I fell like this would be an opportunity to learn more about myself,who I am and where I am going, and how to manage in the best possbile way for myself/partner and hopfeully the family I will one day have in the future.
    [email protected]

  • Michelle Pietroboni

    I have dealt with anxiety all my life but not knowing it. I recently have become a sugar kicking (ty Sarah), anxiety kicking ninja warrior and would like to continue my quest with a D(on’t let anxiety stop you achieving your dreams) L(ife is to be lived …kick those anxieties to the kerb) P(arting with anxiety has been a liberating achievement in my life) inspiration fest. Eternally grateful for the opp. Michelle x
    City: Sydney
    E: [email protected]

  • Lyndall Hansen

    Anxiety has been a constant throughout my life and I have had enough! I quit my job as it was compounding my anxiety and now I am anxious seeking a new and honest path where I wake up feeling hopeful and grateful every day. I would love to attend so I gain practical tips in how to do this, and be surrounded by like minded seekers.
    Lyndall Hansen, Melbourne
    [email protected]

  • Miranda Cashin

    Last year I had major surgery on my hip and amputated leg and despite all my previous surgeries and rehab experiences, this was by far the hardest to endure. The pain was all encompassing and due to the muscle reattachment the rehab process was slow and took every ounce of strength. I thought after all I had previously been through that I was strong and resilient and after a few weeks I would solider on and be back at uni, work and normal daily life. But as there was no benchmark for this kind of surgery, the doctors and myself underestimated the magnitude of what the recovery would demand from me. This surgery humbled me and brought me to my knees.

    For a while during my struggle I lost myself in the darkness. But I fought hard to not let the darkness engulf me. I learnt first hand about strength, resilience, mindfulness and coping. It was a tough way to learn but I am so very grateful for the lessons the hardship taught me and continues to teach me. It was during this time I discovered Danielle LaPorte and her beautiful work. The Desire Map has been a source of strength and inspiration and her daily Truth Bombs give me the motivation to keep going, to keep striving and to chase my dreams no matter the obstacle.

    I discovered her at the exact time I needed to and for that I am grateful. I would love to have the chance to see her live.

    [email protected]

  • Natasha Tetradis

    This week has been so very hard. I’ve had anxiety every day, trying different things to help myself every day and just when I think I’m good I wake up the next day and anxiety is back, some times stronger. I want to hear Danielle talk. I’d like to bring my Mum so she can see its not something I can control & remind me of this when I’m struggling.
    Thankyou for offering this opportunity.
    Tash (Sydney)

  • Tonia Epstein

    I have no clue how you can manage to choose from all these wonderful people. My husband and I now live in outback QLD. It is a beautiful place and full of interesting and lovely souls. I get anxious that I am disappearing and everyday I lift myself to keep my business running. Amongst other rituals I rely on DL’s truth bombs. Loneliness is the big killer. I would take my sister in Melbourne with me. Without her love who would I be?

  • Sarah K

    A light bulb literally just went off!

    This makes so much sense and seems so simple. I have two very anxious children who I would love to be able to help more in times of struggle but I have tried many strategies, each which have a positive impact for a short time, then the anxiety returns.

    I would love to attend to gain more insight.
    But in the interim I will start the Gratitude concept today!!
    Thanks for sharing Sarah.

  • Tennene

    I would love to attend it was about 18 months ago that I finally figured out i suffer from Anxiety which was the same time a friend at work put me on to the Danielle’s Truth Bomb’s …. i quickly downloaded the app and each day at 12 I receive one which always puts a smile on my face and gets me thinking …. Would love to see the person behind this wonderful idea in person. Pick Me Pick Me 🙂

  • Annelise

    I would love to learn more about living with anxiety and self empowerment with gratitude. I think she would be so enriching; personally and for my field of work in experiential art therapy.
    Much thanks
    [email protected]

  • Michele

    I would love to take my sister to Danielle’s talk in Brisbane. Recently seperated and caring for two small kids has resulted in 24/7 anxiety for her. I would like her to learn more about this, and begin to heel and look forward to the future rather than fearing it.

  • Cha R-g

    I need to attend because my Canadian writing buddy and I follow Danielle since 2013. Her truth bombs rock. It will suck if I don’t attend her Aussie tour 🙁

    Kellyville, NSW ([email protected])

  • Alex Le Fevre

    Unfortunately, I don’t feel safe putting my email address here. Would have loved to enter 🙁

  • Nicole Geary

    I would like to attend
    1) humour helps me learn & I was smiling with this article instead of feeling like my anxiety is shameful
    2) so I can share it with my tribe ?
    3) because it’s my birthday on the 20th January & what better present would there be than to learn another strategy to have in my backpack
    4) so I can take my sister who just quit sugar this week and had taken a year off work to improve her health, learn new ways so she can go back to her vocation as a primary school teacher and share this message with our children… and help her own daughter grow up to do the same

  • Aunty Lala

    My niece has waves of anxiety that have halted her beautiful light over the years, since as early as 3 years old. This year she turns 21. I would love her to have the skills that I didn’t have, so she doesn’t spend such an exciting time of her life gripped with fear. She listens a bit to her dear old Aunty Lala, and I’ve sent some truthbombs her way, but there’s such a gentle tough love with DLP, and Clare Bowditch is the ultimate earth mother. I’d love for her to have an easier path.
    Ange Chu, Melbourne
    [email protected]

  • Emily Jane

    I would love to go. I am from Sydney and I follow Danielle’s work and live by my core desired feeling as she encourages. Danielle is equal parts poet and life coach. She has taught me so much but I’m still very much learning. Biggest fan girl right here! I can’t buy my own tickets at this time because I’ve taken the plunge and gone back to full time study in order to pursue a more passionate and purposeful life. This puts some things financially out of reach for now. No regrets! Thank you for the opportunity. Emily

    [email protected]

  • Chantall Hogendoorn

    I would love to attend because I personally suffer from Anxiety and I would love to learn more ways to get through these times when fear takes hold and shakes me to the core. I am in my final year at University to become a Primary School teacher and I feel that attending this event would benefit not only me but my future students that may suffer from anxiety as it effects children aswell and I believe it would give me some more useful tools for my teaching toolbox ?

    Chantall Hogendoorn, Brisbane
    [email protected]

  • Grace Kiernan

    I’m about to become a mum for the first time and this would be the perfect gift to me. Sydney – [email protected] – thank you so much xx

  • Megan Lawson

    I would love to hear more about D.anielle and her work. After a difficult few years, I would like to learn to focus more on what I’m grateful for and less on my worries. I find the thought of being in love with the idea of love very interesting, but find it hard to connect to at this point in my life. I would like to learn more about that and other ways to improve my life. Megan Lawson ( Brisbane )
    [email protected]


    I never realised I had anxiety until after having my second daughter. It’s something I battle every single day. And something I wake up to try and change every single day. I would love to attend a workshop and be inspired by Danielle’s wisdom.

    Deb, Melbourne
    [email protected]

  • Kate Carloff

    After 17 long months I’m saying goodbye to my husband who is on the homestretch of fighting bowel cancer, he is in hospice and we’re preparing for his passing. He is 37 and I am 42 (a Lyneham High kid like you). We have 3 small kids. His first fight was in 2010-2013. For 7 years now I’ve given love, support, guidance, been the rock and guiding compass for my family. My family gains strength from me and I’ve gained strength from both Sarah (Do you want to be right or to love? ) and Danielle (you’re going to shrink after you expand, why jerks show up in your life..). It’s time to sit in my own space, centre myself, breath and find some magic. I know intrinsically it starts and ends with me but i think Danielle would give an extrinsic light from which further clarity, strength and love would abound. It’s been a rough time, please let in some light.

    Kate Carloff, Canberra
    [email protected]

  • Amelia

    I recently resigned from a job of over 5 years that I was extremely passionate about, to start a new fitness coach business. Realising when I left, that my anxiety led me to my resignation. I was extremely paranoid at work, irritated and stopped enjoyed coming in. I miss my clients dearly, however on the bright side I did decide to see a physiologist and have been learning a lot over these 4 sessions. Now being 30, I see how much I have suffered over a decade and am looking forward to changing my pattern of thinking. I would love to attend this tour, and would love to take my best friend who has supported me through the good days and bad days with my condition. Amelia [email protected] Sydney

  • Wendy Austin

    Thankyou for this opportunity.I would love to attend. I was a shy child and have always fretted about what if situations. Didn’t realize it was actually anxiety till recently. My adult son has it too.Heeeelp! We are in Brisbane. [email protected]

  • Fiona Fitzpatrick

    What a gift this would be! I recently started a job as an art therapist working with young adults who are struggling with mental illness. Many of them live with crippling anxiety. It would be incredible to learn new ways to reduce that impact and enable these young minds to flourish. I’d be so grateful.

    [email protected]

  • Elle

    Great post! Love to attend in Sydney as my focus this year is not letting my anxiety hold me back from living and I also adore Clare Bowditch. Email is [email protected]

  • Christine

    I struggle alot with what goes on up in my noggin. I mean is it all just in my head like everyone likes to say? Am I the problem? Should I change? Or is it just a part of what makes me..well me? How much of my neuroticism serves me and how much of it doesn’t?

    In my humble quest for meaning, I stumbled upon Danielle many years ago and her voice felt…real, and it still does. Gentle, kind, empowering, female, humorous, present. I’ve only ever read her work and listened to her podcasts but could only dream of what she’d be like in the flesh. Would probably bowl me over.

    My favourite one of hers is ‘everything is progress.’ Because it is. We’re all trying our best here, everything is going to be alright, it’s all okay, we’ll get there. Balm for the soul.

    Jennifer Pastiloff is another gem. So is Leo Babauta. The splendorous synchronicity that Danielle would feature on your blog Sarah prompted me to try my luck.

    Christine Chang, Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Vanessa Simpson

    Hi Sarah, I would love to be the recipient and attend this session. I have managed albeit unsuccessfully for many years Anxiety and panic attacks (along with depression). I believe I would benefit greatly. My most recent androg episode was yesterday. I had just signed up to the January IQS8WP and thought I would go to Paddys markets in Dydney to get all my fresh produce. The parking alone sent me into a state. After sitting in the car for 20 mins trying to calm down, I got out only to have to go sit in a cafe and try and settle down a bit more before I could venture in to the world of chaotic crowded environment pain.

    In my state I quadrupoled the amounts needed instead of doubling (hubs will be eating same dinners and lunches). Wasteful and I felt so stupid for spending more money than I needed to (I ended up giving the excess to my neighbour for produce that won’t freeze well). I raced through the markets all the while with cold sweats in 4000% humidity just needing to be done and out of there.

    Anyway I would hope that situations like this and other (mainly social anxiety) occur less frequently so hearing someone else’s first hand perspective would be interesting and enlightening.

    Vanessa Simpson, Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Jess SchuRae

    Danielle’s words speak to my little heart and soul. I have suffered from anxiety for years, and it has stopped me taking amazing opportunities but I am done being a slave to it and thinking I am broken and need fixing. Last year has been one of the toughest years in all areas of my life, and if I had the money I would definitely buy my own ticket. So it would be an absolute dream come true to win tickets to see Danielle live, and hear her wisdom around living a more conscious, full and loving and grateful life.

    Jess from Brisbane [email protected]

  • Ana Vee

    Anxiety and panic attacks rule my world when certain life circumstances trigger these feelings yet I have so much in my life to be grateful for too. I just don’t know how to harness my gratitude to interrupt the anxiety. I would be grateful to learn more about this and the other truth bombs of DLP.
    Ana – Sydney
    [email protected]

  • Amanda Blazely

    A ticket for my 19 year old son would be sincerely appreciated. He works with his father and I in our remote business and ultimately this has exposed him to financial and personal stresses. I was oblivious to how this was affecting him until he woke me at 3.00am with breathing difficulties and a pounding heart. A call to the Royal Flying Doctor and a 20 minute calming conversation resulted in a diagnosis of anxiety. Beginning a journey of self-help at his age, acquiring the tools to cope with this illness before he becomes another regional statistic would be an incredible and timely gift for my son. Amanda Blazely, Brisbane [email protected]

  • Julie

    I am a silent sufferer of anxiety. From the outside I look like I have it all but on the inside every day is a constant struggle. Every morning I leave the house, I put on a brave face, I get the job done, I come home, and I’m left exhausted from my ticking mind. I hope that if given the opportunity to take part in Danielle’s February Tour, I’ll find the strength to speak up.
    Julie, Brisbane
    [email protected]

  • I would love to attend I think to be able to learn skills with life and to be able to pass them on to family and friends would be amazing.
    Jo Whitehouse
    [email protected]

  • Jess Caston

    I love Danielle’s truth bomb! In fact i received a key-ring as a present for Xmas with her exact quote “Find your tribe and love them hard” – its a little reminder every day of whats real and important in life 🙂 I’ve always struggled with anxiety and am curious on being more grateful – I’d love to hear more about what she has to say on the topic 🙂 [email protected] (Adelaide)

  • Halina Hall

    I wrote a poem about my struggles with anxiety. Forgive me if it’s too long for the comment section… maybe someone will relate to this and find some inspiration ❤

    The Fog
    The Fog rolls in – you’re unaware, unsuspecting. It grabs you when you’re awake, when you’re resting. It consumes you when you think you’re alright, a smack in the face – you’re in for a fight.

    Why the hell am I here not there? Why do I do this? Why do I care? Why is it so bloody hard, to go for your dreams? Who got that card?

    Ideas come up then pass away. An opportunity lost for another day. Why can’t I put ideas into action? Where’s the momentum? That flow? That traction?

    I’m lost, I’m drowning, I’m down in a rut. Where’s that passion? That flare, the guts? I can’t get going, I’m stuck, I’m bored. What is it? Tell me! How do I move forward? I want more, I crave more, I know that it’s out there. But it’s just out of reach, I can’t touch it – it’s rare.

    I feel like a prisoner, a victim, a slave. An inmate of the mind – I’ll be soon in my grave.
    It’s all gone so dark, everything’s hazy! God help me!! I’m drowning!!! I’ve gone fucking crazy!

    But slowly and surely my soul will resurface, the fog will fade and I’ll know my life’s purpose.
    It’s misty, it’s cloudy, but I see it – it’s there – it’s back in my view, I feel it, but where?
    It bobs in, it goes out, like a tide with the moon, and when I can’t see it -I know it’s back soon.

    So I sit with the notion that all will be well, step by step I’ll move out of this hell. Onwards and upwards, just baby steps, out of the water, the swamp the depth.
    I chip away at it – bit by bit. The fog comes in and then it will sit – for some time or other, then it moves on – cause I’m learning and growing and getting real strong!

    I’ll be kind to myself, my body, my temple. I’ll ignore the darkness – because it’s that simple.
    I rest in the knowledge that hell is my teacher. My lessons, my journey – just a life feature.

    So thanks to my dark side, my light side, my teachers – for they’re only mirrors, reflections and preachers.

    Just know that you’re human – you’re on the right track. You’ll move through it all and never look back.

    The black and the white, the pink and the grey, you’ve nothing to fear – you’re well on your way.
    So out of the darkness and into the light, closer and closer, you’re free – you’re alright!
    By Halina Hall

    Would love to see Danielle x

    Halina Hall
    [email protected]