Always telling people to quit sugar? Now you can get paid for it…

Posted on January 10th, 2017

Hey, you’re probably one of those people who tells their mates and family about the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program rather a lot. Maybe you’re a personal trainer or nutritionist and recommend it to your clients? And perhaps you’ve thought, “I should be getting commission for this!”.

Our 8-Week Program Deconstructed Sushi Bowl, by @kitchenofamelia

Our 8-Week Program Deconstructed Sushi Bowl, as cooked up by program participant @kitchenofamelia

We’ve thought the same and my crew over at I Quit Sugar are offering a new partner program.

It’s a double hit: you get $10, they get $10

It works like this:

  • Sign up to our referral program to receive your unique link.
  • Share this link with your community, clients, patients, friends. You can do this on your blog, Instagram, verbally, on a newsletter…. by carrier pigeon…
  • By signing up with your link, your friend will save $10 on our 8-Week Program.
  • Plus, we’ll pay YOU $10 for every friend who signs up.

If you want to know more about how to join our referral program, click here. The next round of the 8-Week Program starts January 12. There’s another kicking off early February, too.

Hope that’s all clear! And good luck spreading the message.




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