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A slow food and boating guide to Turkey

Posted on August 18th, 2016

You might have caught my last bareboat sailing trip in Australia’s Whitsundays? I loved bareboating – sailing your own boat, no skipper required. More than I thought. I slept. I ate. Did I mention I SLEPT!?

That’s our cat. And Me. And the infamous Turquoise water.

So I saved up and planned and orchestrated another bareboating trip, this time in Turkey. Because I’d never been to Turkey. And I knew the hiking there was worth crossing the world for, too. And, then, there’s the food…right?

(A little side note on the terrorism issue: Yup, Istanbul’s Ataturk airport was bombed while we were there, as well as just a few weeks beforehand. Terror can strike anywhere in the world today. There appears to be no pattern to discern as to where or when or how. We did, however, decide to enter via Greece, by boat, instead of via Instanbul airport. I advise you stay abreast of travel warnings. It’s also possible to do similar trips in Greece, Italy and Croatia).

I explain how bareboat sailing works. In Australia, you can simply turn up with your driving license and you’ll be walked through how to sail your own boat.

To sail in Europe, however, you have to get an international sailing license, which you can SWOT heavily for and do a half-day session with an accredited agency before leaving. You’re then given a briefing on arrival, charts and Read more

A slow food and hiking guide to Symi, Greece

Posted on August 11th, 2016

Two months back I found myself in Symi, a small Dodecanese island near Turkey, via the kindness of a stranger.

Symi island harbour

Symi island harbour

Sinead of @seasoulandsnow reached out on Instagram when she saw I was in Rhodes (how I wound up in Rhodes is a less pretty story). She offered me her holiday home in Symi as she had sensed I was having a pretty rough trot (the unpretty story). She’s never met me. She simply cared.

I was (having a rough trot) and so I took the opportunity. Because sometimes it pays to just go where the invitation leads you. And be vulnerable and in need.

I’m supremely glad I did. The place healed me no end. Symi is a truly special place where tourism hasn’t mucked with its spirit. There is a distinct sleepy fishing village vibe to the joint. Tour boats arrive from Rhodes during the Read more

A slow food and hiking guide to Hobart and Freycinet

Posted on October 10th, 2014

It’s become quite a thing…these slow food and hiking guides. I’m glad you like them. From my point of view, if I get 100 people to leave their comfort zone and get out of the city to move and eat real food in regional areas…well, I will die in peace knowing my job is done. This next installment saw me fling south to Tassie. I wanted to see What All This MONA Fuss was about…and to sample some of the incredible food offerings I was hearing about from out of Hobart. I was also itching for a hike. So was my best mate Ragni. So we made it a mate’s getaway extended weekend together.

A favourite dawn shot, climbing Mount Amos. WHAT A DAY!

A favourite dawn shot, climbing Mount Amos.

As always, I will tell the story mostly through pictures. You can check out my other hiking shots at the hashtags #sarahwilsonhikes #bushhikes #bushexcursions on Instagram. If you want.


Visit MONA. I don’t need to bang on too much about the details of this incredible art experience. You can Google all about it. My take is this: my expectations weren’t grandiose, so I thought the experience was fabulous. Others, I know, arrive expecting (New York’s) MOMA.

And, yes, it was mostly the experience – the ride over in the camo-painted ferry with plastic sheep for seats and staff dressed in combat gear, was part of it. So, too, the fact you never quite know what’s art and what’s not. (For example, the Read more