Sarah Wilson is a New York Times bestselling and #1 Amazon bestselling author, former journalist and founder of, Australia’s largest digital wellness site. Her latest project is Simplicious Flow, released in October 2018. At 348 recipes, this not-normal cookbook is the first zero-waste cookbook in the world. Her book first, we make the beast beautiful, a reframing of anxiety and bipolar disease as a philosophical and spiritual journey, sees her travel extensively talking to our collective need to dive deeper into what matters in life.

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Sarah had her first business at 12, got her start in journalism redesigning the restaurant pages of a News Corp magazine on work experience (she taught herself Quark overnight; the editor gave her the reviewer job) becoming News Corp’s youngest opinion columnist at 24 was appointed Cosmopolitan editor at 29 and then hosted the first season of MasterChef, the most watched season of any show in Australian history.

In 2008, however, Sarah was struck down with thyroid disease, forcing her to step away from the whole merry-go-round. She set out to heal herself via experiments she shared online; quitting sugar was one such. An early adopter of technologies she developed an engaged online community ahead of the curve. She soon realised a gap in the market for a solution to the sugar problem…so she created the world’s first consumer quit program, initially as an e-book (she self-published her 8-week program), then as an online product.

Sarah’s a hyper-vigilant researcher and liaised with international biology and endocrinal experts to develop the most effective techniques for breaking fructose addiction. Some of the nascent science she surfaced has since informed the WHO’s nutritional guidelines and Sarah is regarded as an international pioneer in the realm. Her 8-Week Program was the world’s leading (if not only) consumer sugar-quitting program, completed by 1.5 million people in 113 countries, before she closed it in March 2018 for ethical reasons she highlights here. She then gave all profits to charity. “I will continue to work diligently to not get caught up,” she said.

Sarah’s I Quit Sugar series of books (15 titles) sell in 46 countries, the first becoming a New York Times bestseller and winning the ABIA publishing award in 2014. She ranks as one of the top 200 most influential authors in the world (2017 and 2018), based on web and international book scan algorithms and in’s 100 most influential health experts in 2015. She was the winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the year 2017 Regional Award.

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…that Sarah, “gravitates to ‘hard problems’ and intrepidly tries to solve them so she can pass on the hard-earned wisdoms to all who want to make life better”.  She applied this formula to quitting sugar and now to the force in her life that’s brought the most pain and become her finest teacher: Anxiety.  Her 2017 book ‘first, we make the beast beautiful’ (a bestseller in Australia, the US and UK) encourages the myriad souls who dance with the condition to live the better life with anxiety.

Maverick US bestselling author Mark Manson has described it as “the best book about anxiety” he’s ever read. Former Australian of the Year Prof Patrick McGorry described it as, “indeed quite extraordinary, illuminating what is at once a nomadic journey, a cri de coeur and a compendium of hard-won wisdom flowing from a uniquely talented individual… a tour de force.”

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Eating, hiking, ocean swimming, bike riding, not owning very much and living life light and as right as she can muster. She has lived out of two suitcases for almost 8 years. On the side she campaigns against consumerist waste. A tries to not get caught up.

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