Hello there. I’m an experienced MC, host and keynote speaker. I talk for a living. I’d love to talk for you.

Previous clients include Nike, Ogilvy PR, The Happiness & It’s Causes Conference, TheCoolHunter, Clinique, Omega, LVMH Australia and Hearst International.

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A bit about me:

I’m a journalist, TV host, blogger, columnist, health coach and author specialising in wellness, social politics and productivity.

I’ve written two books – I Quit Sugar and the follow up title I Quit Sugar For Life. Both have been best-sellers in Australia. Both are being released in the UK in 2014. I Quit Sugar has just been released across the US and Canada.

I hosted Masterchef Australia (first series) and Eat Yourself Sexy (a nutrition and wellness makeover show) on Foxtel.

I’ve written more than 100 Sunday Life columns on how to live better.

I appear regularly on Sunrise, Good News Week, 7pm Project and guest reports on Channel 7’s Sunday Night.

I’m a qualified health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

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I live in Sydney but travel nationally and internationally regularly for work.

what I like to chat about:

1. Food + nutrition + wellness: I’m a qualified health coach with New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I’ve healed my own crippling illness through food and exercise…It’s taken four years and I’ve tried all the tricks. I NOW know what works. I’ve recently published my first ebook ‘How to Quit Sugar’ and my latest TV show Eat Yourself Sexy screened on Foxtel’s Lifestyle in August/September 2011. My theories are fresh (many are only just starting to be understood in Australia) and all about streamlining, being kind and recalibrating. I’m anti-diet and anti-extreme exercise and cover: “The top 20 tips and tricks to live well now”; “I ate myself better: here’s what works” and “How to quit sugar”.

2. How we want to live now: the best wellness, productivity and simple living advice from more than 100 Sunday Life column explorations and hundreds of blog experiments, including the personal lessons learned from meeting the Dalai Lama, Edward de Bono, Sir Richard Branson and many more. This can be tailored to take on a more “work productivity”, health, life balance slant or “how to be creative” slant.

3. Media + writing: I’ve worked for every media outlet – TV, newspapers and magazines – in Australia. I know traditional and new media intimately and have perspectives on the new landscape – because I’m straddling it! I’ve consulted to ABC radio, Hearst Magazines International, ARN and ACP. I present on: “Why we all have to be ‘media whores'” and “How to get published – writing tricks for magazines, newspapers and blogs”.

I’d be happy to discuss your project intimately. Just shoot me an email and we can tailor things to suit your needs.

A few testimonials from clients:

“Ogilvy Public Relations Australia is the largest PR consultancy in Australia. In July 2011, we hosted an event in Melbourne which focused on the future of the communication industry over the next 10 years and our panelists included an academic and very senior private and public sector leaders in communication from both Australia and overseas. Sarah was the moderator/MC and did a truly outstanding job. She took the time to REALLY understand the discussion topics, the hot buttons of the panelists, their differing styles and confidence levels. She masterfully managed a great event. Her natural style lends itself to this type of work. Sarah is a real pro and a delight to work with.”
Kieran Moore, CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations Australia.

“Sarah Wilson is vibrant. She talks like she means and knows it. Such engaging smarts is a rarity!”
Bill Tikos, CEO TheCoolHunter.