So, everything is going to look very different…

Posted on January 19th, 2017

…because I’m finally updating this site. This home base will have a redesign. A tightening up. The daggy formatting and fonts will go. She’s having a haircut! It all kicks off next week.

Meantime, here’s a few things I might share about, since you’re here. It’s prolly not news to you guys. Most of you have been here with me the whole way. kicked off 2,757 days ago. 

I cut my hair five years ago. Which means the site’s been outdated that long. Oh well. No one has really minded. Bigger fish to fry…

The content I’ve explored here has directed the vibe of my new book, out Feb 28. But more on this next week. Can ya guess?

I’ve written 1,309 posts.

The most popular post is So I’ve written an ebook… (followed closely by The best toxin-free cosmetics – a personal listicle).

My bike helmets rant ended up with 284 comments. (Feel free to wade in!)

Great people I met via the comments on this site: explorer Dan Buettner, writer Kate Grenville, singer Clare Bowditch, actress Susie Porter.

Croissant-gate broke the internet in 2013. Well before Kim Kardashian balanced champagne on her arse. Read more

Here’s my beautiful pimped bike (an indulgent bike porn post)

Posted on October 17th, 2014

As reported last week, I had a bike stack. I’m feeling much better now, thanks! My main concern, however, as I got lifted from the road by lovely strangers, was for my bike.

Pablo and I with my new bike. Pimped out in yellow and chrome.

Pablo and me with my new bike. Pimped out in yellow and chrome.

My bike is the most valuable material possession I own, apart from my couch, if we’re talking from a financial POV. From an attachment POV, my bike is number one by a mile.

I’m attached. The reason is this…it represents a story and a process. Allow me to share the story (it does have a point).

My bike started out as a frame bought from Paris five years ago. It’s a Barale, which is a seriously rare bike built in San Remo, Italy in the early 1970s. It’s super light. A friend’s partner helped me do it up, strip it back and paint it, adding spic Read more

The bike accident I had to have

Posted on October 14th, 2014

Last week I came off my bike. It was spectacular to observe, I’m told by the kind strangers who lifted me off the road. But completely freakish in outcome. For, despite propelling several metres, my front wheel coming off and my face sliding along the asphalt, I wound up with just a popped couple of ribs, some gashes and fancy bruising.


Image via Pinterest

Here’s some extra freakishness: I face planted and face-slid in slow motion, and remember clearly thinking “Bugger, this is not going to be pretty”. But got up and had barely a scratch to my face. Seriously. My sunglasses had taken the full brunt of my fall. They’re shredded; my face is merely bruised!

I find all of this a beautiful thing. This is why…

I’d been starting to work myself up into a frenzy over my competing deadlines on my next book. I was too close to it. I was losing Read more