• My path forward in the face of climate despair When a bunch of climate scientists were asked recently about where they derive their hope in the face of climate despair they didn’t cite scientific innovation.They cited the striking students.“The problem we’re facing, it’s not a technology problem. It’s not a science problem,” said one of the scientists, Professor Will Steffer, Emeritus Professor at the more
  • When hope has a wobble, we fire the f*ck up. The Australian election result is sad and worrying, but also rally call. It was the last election that could make a proper dint in the climate crisis. Many commentators have said as such. Including the biggest international voice on the matter who has been watching our descent for 30 years, Bill McKibben. I truly advise more
  • A how to #voteclimate guide I’m going to keep things very simple. First thing first. This is a climate election. No bones. It is vital we #voteclimate. The UN has given us less than 12 years to change. The change must be dramatic. The change must happen now. The scale of the issue is so gargantuan that governments must do more
  • “But global warming has happened before! The planet survived!” Yeah, and that’s the most horrific bit… I’ve been doing a series of Cheat Sheets geared at getting us engaged fully in the very real truth of global warming. You can catch up on the other rants here. In this post I’m simply going to share the most startling rebuttal to A Denier that I have in my arsenal. It’s essence, however, is more
  • 8 Global Warming Factlets to get your friends woke This is Part 3 in a series of Cheat Sheets geared at getting us engaged fully in the very real truth of global warming. This post deposits factlets that I’ve found tend to get people woke, scared, hopeful and engaged.  A Woke to Climate Cheat Sheet This list isn’t comprehensive, I just tend to find more
  • The earth is in a death spiral. What should we be doing? This is Part 2 in my Cheat Sheet series of global warming posts. You can read the rest here. Here I outline what I feel is the path forward. There are five things I feel we need to be doing. And I will add this caveat…we must do them all fast. Like, now. Get scared Get more
  • I’ve condensed the IPCC report into a cheat sheet. It’s more terrifying than you can imagine This is Part 1 in an occasional series of Cheat Sheet posts geared at getting us engaged fully in global warming. Many around me are struggling to absorb the information and to grasp the immediacy of the catastrophe we face. So I said I’d write this series as the pertinent information rolls in.  Part 1 more
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