Time for me to get really real with you about the sugar tax

Posted on April 21st, 2016

I’m going to start this post by saying hats off to Big Soda…they sure do a fine job of spreading misinformation.


Last week the I Quit Sugar team and I launched a huge campaign for an Australian sugar tax on sugar soft drinks.

Click to sign now if you like.

Jamie Oliver did similar in the UK and, with 155,000 signatures, was able to influence UK Parliament to commit to a 20 per cent tax on sugary soft drinks in 2018. The folk behind his campaign – change.org – approached me to do the same here.

Wonderfully, on the weekend, Jamie Oliver got on board and endorsed my petition.

Wonderfully, on the weekend, Jamie Oliver got on board and endorsed my petition by sharing my link. You can do the same, adding your own empassioned message. Simply click here.

We now have 15,000 signatures. And counting.

Click to sign now to add to the tally.

Anyway, I’ve become a little frustrated about the push-back from some to the campaign. I love debate and constructive questioning of anything I do. I’m grateful for it. It keeps me on my toes and committed to getting closer to truth. But I tend to get frustrated when push-back is wedded to the black and white and lazy blanket Read more

Why the one Simplicious book, three covers around the world?

Posted on March 17th, 2016

I like to clear up confusion. My latest book I Quit Sugar: Simplicious is now available around the world. But there are currently three different covers. And two different titles?

Aus, UK and US versions of the Simplicious book cover

Aus, UK and US versions of the Simplicious book cover

The thing is this. Some territories like to create their own covers that suit their market segment. I designed my Australian cover. Here it is.


The cover of Simplicious (Australia and NZ).

Actually, I designed two. Read more

There’s this excellent thing happening to young boys…

Posted on March 16th, 2016

Lately, I’ve had a stack of correspondence from young men. When I say young, I mean pre- and early-teen. It makes my day every time. Not least because I know what it takes for a boy to approach an old battleaxe like me. I’d be petrified!


“Here’s some of my favourite pics of my ‘sugar free’ family! Hope you enjoy them!” Jack, 11.

There’s been Jacob Towers who travelled with his Mum to meet me in London a few months back. He made me a bookmark. There’s been Ryan, or “Worm”, 9,  who made me a green loom band “to go with your green shorts”.

My note, from Ryan ("Worm")

I recently worked out 12 per cent of my Facebook audience are young men aged 13-34. And in the 13-17-year-old bracket, there are double the number of boys to girls following. And that’s Facebook. Which doesn’t strike me as the most popular hang for boys. Or am I wrong?

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