• get your stuff sorted You’ve heard of The Story of Stuff Project? I’ve mentioned it a bit here, especially in regards to the story of stuff in cosmetics. It’s a movement helping us all to consume less stuff. Because we don’t need it, it makes us unhappy and, frankly, it’s killing us. I grew up with these messages from more
  • some bike thoughts for a Friday Last week I met with Lord Mayor Clover Moore and some of her team to chat bikes. via chicksandbikes I have to hand it to Cr Moore. She simply wanted to get feedback from me (bikes lanes? Has to be done; the world will adjust and get over their issues with them), and pick my more
  • I’m moving…for now. always “for now”. As regular readers of this blog probably know, I recently decamped from Sydney to the Byron Bay hinterland. It was a temporary thing. An experiment. To see how it felt. In the interim I lived out of a suitcase and left my stuff in Sydney. But this week I’m actually moving my stuff up north. more
  • this is how it’s going to be from now on… As many readers of this blog might have gathered, I’ve recently packed up and gone north for a few months to write a book. To be starting a new chapter feels fresh under the armpits and frolicky in my soul. As you might have gathered from posts of late, I’m also very anxious. It’s the more
  • how much must you earn to be happy? that would be $75K a year for you. Every week heralds some new study about what makes us happy. I always like the money ones. We all rather love to hear that having a lot of money doesn’t bring happiness. Thank the Lord, hey! Those poor rich suckers…barkin’ up the wrong tree, aren’t they!? But what do you make of this new Princeton more
  • the one thing you’d keep If you were stranded, or homeless, or if the house burnt down, what’s the one thing you’d keep? It’s a great question. It’s a question that leads to so much whittling down of things. Once you whittle down, where do you stop? Artist Susan Mullaly posed the question to a bunch of people in Waco more
  • The most efficient apartment ever This is quite freaky: Architect Gary Chang has created a 24-rooms-in-one-32-square-metre apartment (translation: he’s taken a tiny apartment and converted it such that it functions as 24 different rooms….using sliding walls). Check this out: The New York Times describes it in more detail: The wall units, which are suspended from steel tracks bolted into the more
  • why I won’t buy an ipad I don’t need one. I know, I know it’s new and fun and it will change the world in many good ways. I love the idea of the ipad. And I love to follow the dynamic discourse about it. This David Pogue review of the ipad is great. And today’s review by Laura Miller at more
  • declutterer: a vexing perve into lindsay lohan’s wardrobe Have you seen this? Somehow a reporter from Insider got to go into LL’s house and rummage through a wardrobe that’s taken over the apartment. There are not enough days left in that girl’s life to wear all those clothes. It’s actually gross. Not the clutter, but the mindless consumption of so much stuff. It more
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