You asked for cheeseburger dim sims…here they are!

Posted on November 17th, 2015

You might recall (it was a while ago; I Quit Sugar: Simplicious was a two-year project) I asked you all what you’d like to see featured in the new book I was writing. I took your very long list to heart and tried to incorporate as many of your requests as possible. I shared one of the reader requests a few weeks back, my Simplicious homemade bacon.

Today, three more recipes from your wish list that found their way into the book: Cheeseburger Dim Sims, a take on the Aussie Golden Gaytime, and a Bacon ‘n’ Egg Porridge (yes, savoury porridge!).

Cheeseburger Dim Sims, photo by Rob Palmer

Cheeseburger Dim Sims, photo by Rob Palmer

Cheeseburger Dim Sims

So much potential wrongness, right? But, I tell you, this is close to my favourite recipe in the book.

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Bonus Recipe! My Simplicious Beefin’ Good Jerky

Posted on October 20th, 2015

This jerky recipe from I Quit Sugar: SIMPLICIOUS is seriously easy to make and will leave you feeling a little bit “frontier”. It’s great for lunchboxes. I fiddled around with this recipe to get a smoky-sweet vibe.

Ugly photo, pretty cool idea: My Beefin’ Good Jerky

The image above is a photo I took while developing the recipe, my old sewing sheers that have become my kitchen scissors padding things out. Yes, it may not be the prettiest thing I’ve made, but that’s not what this recipe is all about. Trust me, it tastes better than the real thing and beats paying a ton for store-bought stuff! My beef jerky costs just $8 for 700g. For the same amount, store-bought, you’re looking at $60. Yep.

Some meaty bits to know…

* I use mince to make this – cheap, accessible, easy to blend flavour in.

* Beef mince is best, ensure it’s lean in just this instance!

* Don’t worry if your oven doesn’t go as low as 70 C. That’s dandy, but note the different cooking time.

And while you’re at it…

You can also make the Good For Your Guts Garlic recipe (also from Simplicious, which you can find here or at all bookstores) while you’ve got the oven Read more

A Simplicious homemade bacon recipe

Posted on October 6th, 2015

You might recall (it was a while ago; Simplicious has been an two-year project) I asked you what you’d like to see featured in the new book I was writing.

Whatever happened to THAT? Ha. Well, you’ll be pleased to know many of your requests made it into the end product. One request that came through I’d like to share today. Because it’s a nice story. Read to the end. It finishes with a sugar-free homemade bacon recipe.


Meet Nick (and his mum). Nick asked for a homemade bacon recipe, which I’ve shared below.

Meet Nick, above. He and his Mum did the 8-Week Program some time ago and approached me at the “What Should I Eat Forum” in Sydney earlier this year. He told me it was he who’d requested a recipe for homemade bacon when I did the Simplicious call out.

Nick told me he works at Coles and always helps customers find healthy choices based on what he’d learned on the Program. What a legend. I got to tell Nick his request made it through and there’s a homemade bacon recipe in my new book. And Nick got to share a little of his story with me.

But it doesn’t stop there. After the photo above was shared on my Instagram, several people commented saying they’d been helped by Nick in Coles and that he was, indeed, a legend.

THEN… a few weeks later, I received a mail from Nick’s boss, Paul. It turns out that not only had Nick inspired customers at his workplace to make better choices, he’d also convinced his boss to quit Read more