I’ll give $10… if you have a dinner party

Posted on October 24th, 2014

Do you know how many people tell me they wish they got around to hosting more dinner parties…because they’re tired of doing the same old thing every weekend…but find it all too hard? Lots. That’s how many. Why don’t I make it sexy for you?

Image via rikshawdesign.blogspot.com

Image via rikshawdesign.blogspot.com

Sustainable Table is running a Give a Fork! campaign – where you host a dinner party using sustainable or leftover food – to get us all fired about about food wastage. I reckon it’s a fab idea. So I’m going to help out.

I’m going to provide a menu of really fun meals that use up leftovers for you.

Plus some great conversation starters.

Plus I’ll share pictures of your shindig.

And then I’ll donate $10 for every dinner party shared.

Yeah? On board?

How to host a Sarah Wilson Sustainable Dinner Party

1. Simply sign up as a Give a Fork! host and register your event, setting a ticket price – $20 per person would be fair. This money goes toward ensuring Sustainable Table can keep educating us all on this stuff.  I’m an ambassador for Sustainable Read more

My sweet and sour kiwi fruit gelatin goobs

Posted on October 16th, 2014

I’ve been on a gigantic gelatin journey the past few weeks…tweaking and finessing different ways to stir up this amazing healing product (for guts, nails, inflammation) into convenient snacks and breakfast foods.

Kiwi fruit

Image via Pinterest

Last week I posted my coffee almond gummy squares recipe and previously shared My latest gut health obsession: gelatin post. Given the interest, I figured I’d share another recipe…my favourite combo to date, and one that some say can’t be done.

Yep, in my obsessed reading on the subject, I came across gelatin devotees who somehow think the acid in kiwi stops the gelatin from goobing correctly.

I beg to differ. Massively. These things wobbled out a treat; I added an extra tablespoon of gelatin powder…which suits me fine Read more

Coffee almond gummy squares recipe

Posted on October 7th, 2014

As promised, a gelatin recipe to get you on your way to loving this MEGA POWER food. If you haven’t already, please read my post from last week outlining the thrills and spills of eating gelatin. It’s life-transforming stuff.

My chocolate coffee almond milk gelatin gummy squares - recipe below

My coffee almond milk gelatin gummy squares – recipe below

This one today is an easy one to start with and is a great breakfast-and-coffee-in-one solution. Three or four of these will fill you up a treat. In a good way.

I’ve spent the past few weeks experimenting with the best way to make these things. Everyone has a different technique…but many, I find, fail to recognise they’re destroying enzymes by heating things at the wrong point.  Or they use more dishes over more stages than required. So here, a simple technique to work to. Read more