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some useful ebooks + courses

If you’re wanting to learn more about some of the stuff I write about on this blog, here are some useful and brilliantly compiled bits and pieces that go deeper into topics, written by bloggers I greatly admire.

1. Car-Free Living

A helpful guide to living simply as a family, without a car by Rowdy Kittens.

2. Paleo diet on a budget

This is a fantastic resource by Robb Wolf for anyone wanting clever ways to eat a grain-free diet and save money. It’s brimful of great app suggestions, recipes, how-tos, freezer tricks and advice from the big names in the movement. Perfect for families. For more of my thoughts on the paleo diet, click here.

3. Institute of Integrative Nutrition

I studied nutrition through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, in NYC. I’m now a qualified health coach. Like a personal trainer, or life coach, but dealing with food. The course suited me because it was by correspondence, the info delivered via an ipod (so I could study while driving to shoots etc). I think it’s best for people who already have qualifications (as a nutritionist, yoga teacher, osteo) and want to build on their skills. Or even a journalist, chef or business developer wanting to specialize in the health area.To learn more, I’ve hosted a webinar. You can catch up here.

And full disclosure: as I mention in the webinar and elsewhere, I do get a commission for introducing people to the course. I thought you should know this. That said, I only get the commission if you mention my name when you enroll. If it’s no issue for you, I’d love you to remember to do this if you can!

4. Paleo Summit

A series of podcasts and resources for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the details and science of the Paleo diet, featuring all the big names including Nora Gedgaudas, Chris Kresser, and more. To read more of my thoughts, click here.

the healthy baby code

I did a podcast with Dr Chris Kresser, a practitioner of integrative medicine and creator of The Healthy Skeptic blog, last year, and discovered that Chris has compiled a resource pack, which I believe is a huge investment into your health and wellness in preparing for pregnancy. The Healthy Baby Code is an incredible package. Chris has done allllll the work of researching the latest scientific advances, to develop the ultimate nutritional approach for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

You can get hold of it here.