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Sarah Wilson talks a lot. She is an experienced MC, host and keynote speaker. To book her for your next event shoot her an email.

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  • Wednesday May 24 2017 Sydney

    Join me and the @iquisugar crew in Sydney next week to have a really good chat about the whole sugar-free caper. If you (or a mate) have been thinking of doing the program, we’ll answer your questions on the night and give your ticket price back if you decide to join up. And BEHOLD the team will be on hand the whole night, handing out cheese and being chatty while WEARING DOUBLE DENIM! Just for fun. Limited tickets.

    Book your ticket here.

  • Sunday May 28 2017 Sydney

    I chat to journalist Helen McCabe about First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, as part of the Writers’ Festival. Sunday at 3-4pm.

    You can book tickets here.


  • Thursday Jun 15 2017 London

    Learn how to navigate the tricky world of wellness fads and make smarter choices for a healthier life in this masterclass with Sarah Wilson, author and founder of I Quit Sugar.

    £49. Book Now.


Things Sarah talks about

The future of wellness. Sarah explores the science of why diets don’t work, why green smoothies are a crook idea and what the hell we should all eat now. She has worked with the leading voices in obesity research for five years, as well as the National Geographic’s Blue Zone team in Icaria (Greece) and Sardinia (Italy) looking at the foods favoured by those who live the longest.

Productivity and how to live a better life. Sarah has studied the best wellness, productivity and simple living advice (detailed across more than 100 Sunday Life column explorations and 1500 blog posts). She draws on lessons learned from meeting the Dalai Lama, Oprah’s life coach, Brene Brown, Sir Richard Branson and many more.

Media and writing: Sarah’s worked for almost every media outlet – TV, newspapers and magazines – in Australia. She knows both traditional and new media intimately and has perspectives on the new landscape. She’s consulted to ABC radio, Hearst Magazines International, ARN and ACP.

“Wilson is so capable you don't doubt she could toss together a roasted pigeon with grilled polenta, smoked pork belly and date sauce without needing to stop talking to the camera.”
Graeme Blundell, Review

“Ogilvy Public Relations Australia is the largest PR consultancy in Australia. We hosted an event which focused on the future of the communication industry and our panelists included an academic and very senior private and public sector leaders in communication from both Australia and overseas. Sarah was the moderator/MC and masterfully managed a great event. Her natural style lends itself to this type of work. Sarah is a real pro and a delight to work with.”
Kieran Moore, CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations Australia

“Sarah Wilson is vibrant. She talks like she means and knows it. Such engaging smarts is a rarity!”
Bill Tikos, CEO TheCoolHunter

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