Wondering what I should do with this blog…thoughts?

Posted on March 10th, 2016

Hello there,

Can I ask a favour? This blog has been around a bit. It needs some freshening up. I mean, that header photo! The dinky staples!


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What do you think…

* I was thinking about moving things over to Medium. Heard of it? Use it? Here’s my Medium Page.  Read more

Bung thyroid? Here’s what Louise Hay said it’s about…

Posted on February 16th, 2016

Some time back I met with Louise Hay and she shared a whole heap of advice on various life issues. At the end of the interview she noted I had a thyroid issue. I’m not sure if she guessed it or I’d mentioned it. I shared what she had to say about it at the time, but it kind of got buried among the rest of her pearls. So I’ve dragged it out again, to give it a good airing.

Thyroid issues Sarah Wilson

Image by Beata Wilczek via Flickr

Here’s what she said:

Thyroid problems are all about creativity being blocked. 

She then explained that many women feel torn by the pressure to be all things. And their creative self gets blocked. They stop expressing themselves.

I’m not wholly sure how I feel about such insta-diagnosing. That said, Louise’s linking of disease to emotional issues spawned the movement and her work is respected around the world, albeit in select communities. But my personal observation of both myself and those I meet with thyroid disease is that we are particularly earnest. I always ask at my public talks, Who has Hashimoto’s, raise your hands? Invariably it’s about one-quarter of the room (I attract Hashi types) and they’re all sitting at the Read more

How to find your place

Posted on January 14th, 2016

Are you a young person wondering what the hell you’re meant to be doing? Trying to find your place? Are you a parent with a beloved young person in your life who is struggling with their place?


Image via fourtears.tumblr.com

My suggestion: read famous creatives’ graduation speeches. They are truly inspiring frothings in which said famous creative confesses they, too, had no idea when they were young as to their allotted groove, with tricks on how to “settle” into it.

Journalist Pamela Druckerman recently shared this piece of writing when she was struggling to draft a commencement speech for her students at a Paris Arts College. This is the part that struck me most.

Pay attention to what you’re doing on the side.

“I started my writing career as a financial journalist. On the side, I took samba-dancing lessons, and eventually wrote a first-person article about this experience. It was the first piece I’d written that lit me up inside. Though it took years before I got to write that way for a living, I had found my place, the tiny hole in the universe shaped like me,” she shared.

Same with me. I was studying law and politics and waitressed for fun (and survival). My love of food saw me explore further in this realm. I did work experience at a magazine and offered to redesign the food pages over the weekend…because my love of food steered me to this. Monday morning I got the gig as the Read more