Who loves Danielle LaPorte? Want to meet her in Melbourne?

Posted on April 24th, 2014

I love how the interwebs work! As time passes a growing number of the Good Eggs who I’ve met online have been finding a way to interconnect and circle back and form a lovely, supportive e-Tribe. I e-met bloggers Gala Darling, Gabby Bernstein, Tara Stiles, Danielle LaPorte and Clare Bowditch all through independent e-avenues. And whattaya know, in the past month all of them have collided and intersected, and somehow I’ve been included in the ride. It’s almost become funny how often it has been happening.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Anyway. Let’s chat Danielle and Clare. Clare and I connected a few years ago over Twitter, and then over a cup of tea in Melbourne, and discovered we have much in common. Clare has since shared on my site about her autoimmune issues and earlier this year she interviewed me for her site. Huge heart. Hearty contributor to life.

Danielle – I’ve been mesmerised by her writing and lifestyle for yonks and used to follow her site White Hot Truth regularly. She tells it straight. I once wrote about giving yourself permission to quit “low rent” experiences, pivoting off a list Danielle put together, which included:

  • check your email whenever the hell you want.
  • return crappy products to their crappy manufacturers (because you can vote with your dollars).
  • not finish reading books that you’re not really enjoying. Don’t force it, close it.

You can read the rest here.

Another time I wrote about how some of the most successful bloggers had ditched comments on their sites, Danielle being one of them. Read more

A bone marrow custard recipe… Plus a giveaway!

Posted on April 2nd, 2014

There’s a lot about this recipe that gets me excited. Bones. Marrow. Warm, dense, nutritious custard. And a breakfast food not based on grains. I realise the combined effect could be a little challenging for some, but I invite everyone to think openly and consider the incredible health (and environmental and ethical) benefits of eating like this.

Bone marrow custard, recipe below

Bone marrow custard, recipe below

I should flag, the recipe comes courtesy of the lovely Jenny at The Nourished Kitchen who recently sent me her new book, by the same title. I’ve been following her blog for years and love her informed and clever approaches to healing foods. If you’ve been enjoying my kombucha recipes and other fermented foods, then you’ll get a wholesome kick from going the next step with her culinary inventions…kombucha vinaigrette, chicken foot broth and stewed beef heart with root veggies and porcini mushrooms!

This cookbook is a compendium of how-our-grandparents-used-to-eat recipes that do the farm to table fan-dangle. It’s very much aligned with my philosophy: whole and real foods, with value placed on quality and nutrient-dense foods, eating local and caring for the environment. It also includes organ meats and raw dairy, and a chapter on salt, time and the art of fermentation – one of my favourites!

Bone marrow can taste a lot like browned butter, which is why you’ll often find it in sweet custards and desserts in older cookbooks. Long leg bones provide delicious, buttery marrow. Purchase them pre-cut, or ask your butcher to cut them 1-3 inches (3-8 cms) thick to make scooping out the marrow a little more manage-able. While you can remove the marrow from the centre of a raw bone, roasting the bones significantly improves the flavour of marrow and makes it a bit easier to remove.

Bone Marrow Custard with black pepper and parsley

Jenny: “Cream and eggs nicely complement roasted marrow in this simple savoury custard, while the fresh flat-leaf parsley adds a clean, bright flavour to balance the richness. I often serve this custard for a late but substantial breakfast Read more

I need your help with I Quit Sugar in America!

Posted on March 28th, 2014

I start by apologising: I’m about to ask a favour. I don’t normally do this kind of thing and I’ll try not to make a habit of it. But I would love your help on this occasion.

This is the cover of the US edition of I Quit Sugar. Same-same-but-pleasantly-different.

This is the cover of the US edition of I Quit Sugar. Same-same-but-pleasantly-different.

In two weeks I Quit Sugar comes out in America. In fact, I write this post as I await my flight to Seattle (I then head to Calgary and then New York). But the way things in US Bookland work is this: if a stack of people pre-order the book – buy it before its release on April 8 – then it has fighting chance of becoming a “bestseller” and then (as a result) being stocked across the whole of America. Which is my aim. To get the book to everyone who wants or needs it. No force feeding, of course. Just available as an invitation.

So, to keep it simple (oh, I feel awkward asking – sorry!): I’d truly love it if any of you interested in buying the book could do so via pre-order. Like, today. So…

If you are a US or Canadian reader

* Click here to pre-order the book now.

* You will receive a free mini sugar-free cocktail cookbook. You’ll be able to download it straight after pre-ordering, so you can get playing right away. Click here to learn more.

* Of course you can wait until the book appears in stores April 8. But a pre-order will help me out a stack. You pay the same price for the pre-order, get something for free, plus you’ll get the book ahead of everyone else. No downside.

If you’re Australian…

* I’d love you to share this message with your American mates – alert them to my fumbly favor.

* For your troubles, I’m giving away a few thank you prizes: a Tefal Soup & Co (valued at $299) which blends smoothies and Read more