Pre-order your copy of the (updated!) I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook today!

Posted on November 4th, 2013

With the festive season just around the block, I’m excited to join in the build-up with the release of this year’s  I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook, a revised version of our original, designed specifically to help you enjoy a simple, joyful, and healthy, sugar-free Christmas. Plus I’ve chucked in a bonus Thanksgiving meal plan, perfect for a dinner party with friends, family or housemates.

Christmas Berry Swirl Cheesecake, photography by Marija Ivkovic

Here’s a taste of what’s included:

  • six unique meal plan styles (to follow strictly or mix and match): Let’s Do Brunch, The Summer Barbeque, Traditional with a Twist, A Very Veggie Christmas, Kid-friendly Feeds and The Thanksgiving Banquet.
  • more than 65 sugar-free Christmas-inspired recipes
  • gluten and grain free, Paleo and vegan options
  • a bonus Thanksgiving meal plan
  • recipes designed to be pre-prepared for a hassle-free Christmas day
  • shopping lists (that add up all your ingredients in one nifty run-down), conversion charts and more!

All for the sweet price of $19. Simply click on the button below to pre-order your copy today.


The  I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook also includes:

  • A “Using Your Leftovers” plan: a quick guide of genius ways to use leftovers for Boxing Day. And beyond. Read more

three summer quinoa recipes…from the gorgeous Cannelle et Vanille

Posted on December 11th, 2012

I’ve mentioned before how Aran Goyoaga, the beautiful writer and chef behind blog Cannelle et Vanille, and I met online. We connected via our shared issues with thyroid disease. We’ve never met – she lives in Florida – but we write to each other on Twitter and emal. A modern pen pal kind of thing.

Zucchini, Quinoa & Goat Cheese Tart (recipe below)

A while back Aran went gluten-free. Which made me happy, not just for her health, but for the planet. It meant some pretty special recipes were going to come our way.

And they did. Aran sent me her cookbook last week and I’ve shown it to a few people. Like me, they’ve been floored by just how creative her recipes are. And how pretty she can make the simplest of dishes look. It’s not lavish, nor holier-than-though food. It’s elegant and nutritious and you’re left wanting to have what she’s having. It was all good timing: Small Plates and Sweet Treats is out this week in Australia, with Hachette.

Many of her sweet treats contain sugar…but I reckon they’re easily able to be converted to sugar-free by substituting with stevia or rice malt syrup. Just watch me try…and I’ve almost convinced Aran to quit sugar, too! For now, I’m going to share three of her summery quinoa recipes, so you can get a feel for her style and flavour. Read more

going gluten-free? some hiccups you need to know about

Posted on April 25th, 2012

Gluten’s got a grimy name just now. I’ve previously outlined my thoughts on going gluten-free (who should, why it’s not a “fad” etc). It’s worth a read if you’re a little unsure about the whole debate. If you’ve already made the move, or have contemplated it, then you might learn a lot from this rundown of the tricky things that might stump you in your tracks along the way.

image via food delights

Steph Osfield is a great freelance writer who used to write for me at Cosmopolitan eons ago and she sung out recently to say she’d had all kinds of dramas going GF and offered to share her thoughts. She and her family went GF due to broad-based health issues, not due to celiacs per se.  I very much appreciate what she outlines here. It’s clear, concise and has helped me with my own dance around the pesky little protein:

I was prepared to become a Lego Grand Master and tadpole wrangler when I became a mother, but I didn’t count on becoming a medical expert too. My gorgeous kids (son 12 and twin girls aged 10), have been sick so often over their young lives that our doctor says they are working their way through the medical dictionary. Whole terms often pass with only a week where they are all at school.

Our household ailments read like a medical dictionary; anaphylaxis to peanut, vulvadynia (stinging, sore vulva), multiple food sensitivities, a virus called molloscum contagiosum (four years and counting) and the last two years – nocturnal epilepsy and a sleep issue called periodic limb movement disorder. But in their younger years it was the eczema, glue ear and diagnosis of asthma that led me to take the quantum diet leap to a gluten free diet. Out went the rye bread and porridge and wholemeal pasta and in came the big surprise – we didn’t then live happily every after. Several weeks into eating gluten-free, health issues like their eczema got worse. So I become a foodie super sleuth and here’s what I learned about going gluten-free:

1. It’s not just gluten…

Corn, corn, corn – when you’re swearing off gluten, corn-based options like polenta and tacos shells and corn tortillas are usually on high rotation. Bear in mind that people sensitive to gluten are often sensitive to corn as well. If you do have this issue then increasing your corn intake may ramp up your health symptoms, which will then counter any benefits you might be getting from eating gluten free. This was the case with my kids.

Tip: Make up your own mix of flours for baking with tapioca, brown rice and buckwheat flour to avoid corn.

Here’s some other foods. You may also have a problem with: Read more