From time to time I come across humans who just astound me with their whimsy. They do something a bit off-beat. A bit you’re-not-meant-to-do-that. I’ve noticed there’s usually One Thing that prompted them, or motivates them, or keeps them happy and therefore whimsical. I’m always busting to tap them on the shoulder and ask, “What’s your One Thing”. Now I do in this occasional series. You can catch up on some previous ‘the one thing’ interviews here and here. Today, I’m talking with psychic Caroline Anna.

Anna: my one thing is to have a bath then let the negative energy flush down the drain

By way of introduction, Anna is a psychic. She kind of found me, via a friend of a friend and somehow she felt she needed to connect and tell me stuff. For those of you who read my Sunday Life column where a witch predicted I’d meet a Dutch bloke in London and we’d scuba dive together…well, Anna saw the same thing. But Danish or Dutch. London. Handsome. We’d marry. And he’s a marine environmentalist, ergo the scuba diving, I guess. (I just didn’t have the word length to share that I’d been told the same thing by someone else.)

What I love about Anna’s story is that she changed her high profile corporate career when she got whimsy-with-it and decided to live closer to her true self, her heart and help people. Now she makes a living from helping people and sharing her gift. Which is so goddamn great. I have already had several readings with her which I have found really helpful. Anna does readings via LivePerson. You can chat with her online or speak on the telephone. If you want to make a booking, connect with her here.

Sarah: Tell us how you became a psychic? How did you first know?

Anna: I’ve always been this way, ever since I can remember. When I was very small I would use my psychic abilities to find where my Mum hid away chocolates and other sweets. I would just connect to her energy and visualise. That also helped me find Christmas presents before my parents could wrap them!

Sarah: How do you “see” things in others?

Anna: The best way to describe the psychic experience is that it feels like you are remembering. You see images, hear sounds and feel emotions in the same way as you would when you recall a memory or a dream. In a sense, the person I am seeing for also “remembers” because in a reading I am often reminding people of what they already knew deep down and just needed affirmed. I love helping people see when they can trust their own intuition too.

 Sarah: What got you brave enough to quit your real job and become a psychic?

Anna: I saved the life of a guy who had been in a car accident. I never met him and only ever drove past the accident scene in my car, but I saw his name in a flash and I knew that he had a brain hemorrhage that would not be identified when he was assessed in ER. I made an anonymous call to the hospital that got him the CT scan and the treatment he needed to live. Friends of mine working in the police and the hospital later confirmed that I was correct on all the details, including his name.

 Sarah: Your One Trick that you do that never fails to make your life matter more? 

Anna: I close my eyes, breath deeply into my stomach and put my hands across my heart. I sit there in silence and pray for two to three minutes. This never fails to bring me back to a more centred and happy me.

 Sarah: The One Thing you do to care for your intuitive soul?  

Anna: I love to swim in the ocean. I find saltwater very cleansing and purifying. If I can’t get to the beach, I’ll have a bath with bath salts and a few drops of a really cleansing essential oil like lemon or eucalyptus. When I’m done I let the water drain away slowly and imagine it taking any negative energy away with it. This keeps my intuitive side clear for my work.

 Sarah: The One Thing you’d like to share: 

Anna: I’m loving “Care of the Soul” by Thomas Moore. It’s all about accepting ourselves. That is a message that means a lot to me. I never wanted to be a psychic and spent a lot of time and energy wishing I was someone else. What I realised from this book is that happiness comes from living close to our hearts, and not at odds with it. Now I’m really into helping people find their own life path, see why they are here and their life purpose.

 Sarah: What’s the biggest struggle clients you see have? 

Anna: People want to know why the ones we love so often reject us or act ambivalent. And, why the ones we’re not that into can’t be shaken! As I psychic I can often see the inner feelings and beliefs people have, and see that people get caught in this dynamic because deep down they believe they are unlovable or unworthy.

When a person holds these kind of beliefs, they feel uneasy and uncomfortable when they meet someone who wants to be with them. After all, that person must be desperate or have something wrong with them! And people who reject or hurt feel safe. The relationship feels right because mistreatment fits with beliefs of being unloveable or unworthy. This is why so many women love bad boys and how you can have chemistry with someone who isn’t good for you.

As a psychic I like to focus on helping people know what the other person in the relationship is really thinking and feeling, why they act like they do and where things are headed. This information can be very empowering. Also if a person is up for it, I like helping them clear any unhelpful beliefs that may be blocking them from finding their soulmate and the love that will make them happy…. finally!

Anna can be booked for a session here.

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