It’s here! And I’m so glad you’ve been patient.

As you might have gathered I’ve written (and whisked, flipped, baked and roasted) up a sugar-free ecookbook, to follow on from I Quit Sugar: A Sweet 8-Week Program. It’s a behemoth of a book: more than 108 recipes of nutritious, easy, sweet, whole-food eating ideas. It’s been a labour of love and much taste-testing. It’s been a team effort and an experience that has humbled me rather a lot (so many people wanted to just…help me and be a part of this crazy thing).

Anyway, I’m really hoping you’ll like it. I’ve written it based on the feedback I got from so many of you as you quit sugar and did the IQS waltz with me over the past 15 months. So it includes only the recipes you’re all wanting help with, namely:

  • sweet substitutes: clever snacks that you can make for on the run
  • sweet pacifiers: desserts and sweet treats that use safe sweeteners
  • breakfast ideas: for kids + everyone else
  • meals that can help you go through the detox period
  • kids’ treats…

I’ve banged in more content by providing links to lots more recipes and ideas, some stellar contributions from some of our favourite food folk, some very whacky widgets that help you convert amounts and do up shopping lists…and…oh…you’ll just have to click through to the ordering page to learn more.

Or just buy the thing.

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*NOTE: the cookbook is currently available as a PDF. If you were hoping for an eReader version, please feel free to enjoy the PDF for now, and all eReader versions will automatically be sent to you before Monday 21st May.

here’s some of the contributors:

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth needs little introduction. But perhaps you haven’t checked out her cookbook Notes From My Kitchen Table yet? With a breezy and generous spirit, similar to the vibe of her site Goop, she shares 150 of her favourite recipes, how she involves her kids in cooking, and balances healthy food with homemade treats.


Maggie Beer
Maggie is a legend and arguably Australia’s best-loved food personality. We met at a Happiness and It’s Causes conference where I was chairing and Maggie was talking about food and happiness. She’s a fan of whole food eating and her cookbooks – includingMaggie’s Farm, Maggie’s Orchard, Maggie’s Table, Maggie’s Harvest, Maggie’s Kitchen, and her most recent, Verjuice Cookbook – reflect her earthy values. She’s the recipient of Senior Australian of the Year 2010 and South Australian of the Year 2011 awards, and is a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) 2012. Check out her line of products.

Mark Sisson
Mark is a California-based blogger and health guru. His site Mark’s Daily Apple is the go-to joint for Paleo living. Mark’s Primal Blueprint cookbook is available here and here.


here’s a few things some folk are already saying about it:

“Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar Cookbook” is probably one of the more important food and lifestyle books I’ve read. Her research is meticulous and informed yet written with a positive, warm and humorous voice. Sarah’s love of food shows in her delicious, innovative and easy recipes, which are a perfect companion to my own non-boombah world! But it’s Sarah’s basic message that counts and one I totally share; you can live well, and eat well without sugar.” 

Jane Kennedy – writer, producer, director, actress and foodie.

“Sarah’s put gourmet back into nutrition. Her well balanced understanding in the therapeutic value of food, personal sugar quitting journey and inventive mind, has lead to the creation of these fabulous eats. This ebook is welcomed with open arms. Sarah is truly an inspiration and a gift to the wellness industry.”

Nat Kringoudis – Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, natural fertility educator and blogger. 

“Sarah’s ingenious tips and delicious recipes ensure an easy landing to a sugar-free life. You won’t look back!”

Maria Laitinen – prop stylist and food blogger at Scandi Foodie

here’s a ‘behind the scenes’ video for you:


*NOTE: the cookbook is currently available as a PDF. If you were hoping for an eReader version, please feel free to enjoy the PDF for now, and all eReader versions will automatically be sent to you before Monday 21st May.

Over to you guys. Try some of the recipes out over the weekend. And tell me what you think. GOSH I hope you like it...