A few weeks ago I posted a recipe competition – bloggers who blogged about one of the recipes from I Quit Sugar Cookbook had the chance to win three copies of my cookbook to give away to their readers.

beetroot and liquorice soup, photo by Susan Papazian

So many of you entered and it was so much fun looking at your dishes. But – in the words of a certain former MasterChef hostess – there can only be one (actually, three) winner(s). If I call out your name, could you please step forward…

Susan Papazian

Susan made the beetroot and liquorice soup, with ground fennel seeds. (I love the photography!) You can see Susan’s winning post here.

Megan from Veggies and me

Megan made the coriander pesto, and sweet potato soup (pictured below). I also loved the sneak peak into her backyard photography studio set up. You can see Megan’s winning post here.


Jessica from Live Healthy Simply

Jess made my chia pudding (image below). Jess eats no meat, dairy or egg, and said she was thrilled that my
cookbook contained so many recipes that are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and many more she could easily tweak. You can see Jess’ winning post here.

Susan, Megan, and Jessica – we’ll email you with your I Quit Sugar Cookbooks to give away! Congratulations!

Thank you again to everyone for all your cooking efforts. Some more great entries came in from Mother Nurture Me, Naomi, Tegan, Pure Health Guide, and Cinnamon Eats, if you’d like to check them out. Lovely stuff!

Haven’t bought the book yet? Simply click below. And if you had an idea for another way for your cooking efforts to be rewarded, feel free to let me know….