I recently found this article in the New York Times. Artist Wendy MacNaughton is obviously as obsessed as I am with famous writer’s daily routines and has compiled some illustrations of the quirky stuff pen folk turn to to get the right jolt of energy as they tap away.

I like that Maynard eats lime popsicles. Which just happens to be a recipe in my I Quit Sugar Cookbook.

I like that Walt…actually I just like Walt…eats protein. Ditto me.

I, too, drink tea from a glass. Always.

And I have a thing for beverage routines throughout the day.

Again, protein. You’ll recall Marilyn Monroe also ate protein.

Apple cider vinegar…my new tonic. I have a tablespoon before eating and it helps cut through fats and proteins. Try it.

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What about you? What do you snack on to think straight? Let’s compile a list…