When I was in Copenhagen a few weeks back, Marija and I came up with a great way to meet locals. Especially the men.

Seen my Slow Food and Biking Guide to Copenhagen yet?

We would approach, explain that I’m an Australian journalist and that the two of us were doing a small photo essay and could we take their photo. Well. It worked. The Danes are notoriously reserved (not shy or necessarily cold; they just keep to themselves), but once you approach them first, they’re really rather open and warm and chatty. And not judgy of a stupid tourist antic like the one I describe.

UM. Some of you might recognise these from somewhere? Those Danes…stylin’!

And so, a photo essay evolved.

The men are very handsome in these parts. We were dumbfounded. We named the phenomenon: CopenhagMen. And we coined our series of photos: “CopenhagMen with…”

with… Van Halen hair!
with…baby and a Chris Robinson look
with…baby, a beer and a rockin’ technique sorted
with… a book on a stoop
with…pink pants!
with… flowers. I think it’s a thing here. We saw men toting flowers a lot.

The other phenomenon: Bike style. I’ve said it before, you look better on a bike. Try it. An ordinary outfit is suddenly suffused with elan when you climb aboard a bike.

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Classic Copenhagen style. Love this
I love the tan extras
goth get-up
lolly colours
Sneakers and frocks on bikes…it’s a thing!
pink yoga mat carrier
maxi on a bike
too many elements to mention…the accessories, wedges, emo child
everyone conducts their social calls on their way home…gently
hang on…that’s me
wedges and children…it’s a look
So-Cal mum
with…pale blue and tan
with… pale blue and tan (it’s a thing!)