Because so many of you have been asking, I’ve put together a Christmas Meal Plan to help you through the Silly Season!

Photography by Marija Ivkovic

The Christmas Meal Plan includes three meal plans. You can choose one plan and follow it strictly. Or mix and match recipes:

  • Let’s Do Brunch: a fresh morning buffet menu
  • The Summer Barbeque: a fun, outdoorsy menu geared at warmer climates
  • Traditional with a Twist: the roast ‘n’ pudding affair, but with less fuss and much, much kinder on your waistline

The Meal Plan also includes:

  • A Using Your Leftovers plan: a quick guide of genius ways to use leftovers for Boxing Day. And beyond.
  • A shopping list for each menu
  • Conversion charts: metric to imperial and back again.
  • Paleo, gluten, vegan and grain-free options: I have covered most bases. The menus are mostly grain- free, gluten-free and paleo, but not strictly (when you’re sugar-free, it’s good to limit grains, too for reasons I outline on my blog). I have provided some extra gluten-free and paleo options, too, as well as extra vegan and vegetarian options throughout.

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