This much I know: I quit sugar because I had a raging autoimmune disease.

This much I’ve just learned: Tens of thousands of others with autoimmune disease are now doing the same thing. And getting results. In fact, according to our latest survey of I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program participants…

Steak and five veg
Steak and Five Veg: The 8WP meal plans feature 7-9 serves of anti-inflammatory veggies a day.

For folk with autoimmune disease, half experience “significant” changes to their condition from quitting sugar.

Some feel that they have reversed their PCOS (in fact, I get dozens of emails from sufferers who’ve been able to fall pregnant after doing the Program). Many say they have come off their AI medication. Others have simply – but soooo importantly – improved their quality of life. Just by quitting sugar in a kind, gentle, responsible way.

 “Now I feel rested when I wake and no longer look like a puffer fish. My anxiety has calmed right down and my cholesterol levels have improved.” Lilian, PCOS sufferer

You can read Lilian’s full testimony here

Am I surprised? Not too much. Four years ago when I first quit sugar I was beyond myself with frustration that the medical community couldn’t help me. They gave me a pill and sent me away… and I only seemed to get worse and worse.

Eventually I worked out the solution: I had to do what I could to heal myself. And I had to do it with food. This was a liberating realisation. Finally I could get some traction.

Superfood Veggie Bowl - packs a mean punch of veggies, GF carbs (quinoa) + topped off with fermented veg!
Superfood Veggie Bowl: Packs a punch of veggies, gluten-free carbs (quinoa) + topped with fermented veg.

Did it work? Yep, slowly. Over the years I’ve reduced my antibodies from officially off-the-richter  to completely within the healthy/ normal range. I’ve gone from only being able to function (work and walk) 2-3 days a week, to having a bad day about once a fortnight. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. My biggest life achievement. Seriously.

I am now able to fully manage my health… something that freaks my doctors!

  • I now have zero thyroid antibodies.
  • I’m on half of the minimum dosage of thyroxin (from being on the highest possible dosage five years ago).
  • My hormone levels have fallen back into the right range (more on this soon!).

I’ve expanded previously on how quitting sugar can help to heal autoimmune disease. These ideas have very much informed the food philosophies on the 8-Week Program.

  • The recipes feature 7-9 servings of vegetables a day.
  • While I don’t make a song and dance of it, the meal plans are 100% gluten-free (or gluten-free adjustable).
Layered Green "Lasagna" - 8WP caters for GF needs without compromising on flavour or family classics. This one is pasta free, using zucchini slices instead!
Layered Green “Lasagna”: The 8WP caters for gluten-free needs without compromising on flavour or family classics. This one is pasta-free, using zucchini slices instead!
  • The entire program minimises toxins and inflammatory agents.
  • Gut health is a big focus – fermented foods and gut-healing principles are key.

“I reversed my pre-diabetes and came off my thyroid medication.” Jackie, hashimotos sufferer

You can read Jackie’s full testimony here.

Curried Quinoa with Zingy Roasted Cauliflower - cauliflower is good for one reason or another, yeah? Plus it's got turmeric in it which I know SW is a fan of it's anti-inflammatory properties
Curried Quinoa with Zingy Roasted Cauliflower: Cauliflower is one of my favourite veggies. Plus this dish contains turmeric, which has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties for those struggling with AI
  • Finally, they also fit to the Perfect Human Diet guidelines, often referred to by autoimmune practitioners as the ideal approach for those of us with compromised health.

If you’re keen to quit sugar, sign up for the 8-Week Program today.