My new book, Simplicious, arrived on my desk this week. It was more than 18 months in the building and hits book stores at the end of this month. Here’s the cover…you can probably get the rough vibe. It’s fat, it’s sustainable, it’s about sticking it up Big Food and Over Consumption, it’s geared at gut health and…it features a recipe for Cheeseburger Dim Sims. Yeah, that.

Sarah Wilson Simplicious Cover
The approved, real cover of Simplicious

But, the original cover concept was to go a little something like this…

Sarah Wilson Simplicious Cover
The cover I planned for…

I had this idea: I’d take a dress I bought for $3 at the dump when I was 18 and sew food scraps into it. PLUS create a ridiculous bouquet made with bones (which the team on the shoot had to chew to get clean) and veggies sourced, um, from the bin.

Then I’d pose like Beyonce in the whole silly get-up in a way that delivers a certain nod to my past as editor of a women’s magazine and to needless consumption (because this is the issue that matters most to me in the world – getting real about mindful consumption) in general…while smiling wholesomely.

And I actually thought the idea would get over the line. As a “sweetener”, my publisher gave me the inside flap instead.

Are you Team Sarah or Team Publisher?! (You can preorder the book now, available in stores September 29.)