I have spent half a career highlighting how bad junk food is for your health. But, TBH, sometimes this focus gets on my goat. It’s all me, me, me. My guts, my skin, my weight, etc. Me, I feel the environmental impact of our horrible humanoid habits is the far bigger harm that we should be obsessed about.

So. Coke. Or soft drink in general. I went researching. We should be factoring this in to the picture:

We consume about two or three bathtubs full of water when drinking a coke.Click To Tweet

Frankly, that’s just horrible.

  • The largest part of the total water footprint of a beverage is in the process of producing the sugar. Ha! What do you, hey!?
  • And don’t forget: It takes 200ml of oil and up to seven litres of water to produce just the (1 litre) bottle. That’s before you put the sugary stuff in it. I write about this ghastly cost of drinking any kind of plastic bottled drink  here.
So, no, the solution is not to drink bottled water.Click To Tweet

PS I should warn readers of this blog. I’m likely to fire off a few rants like this going forward. I’m sad for humanity right now. And it no longer feels right to not say something, albeit in this dinky forum.