…we’re not all that bad to have around. And we might not have to turn ourselves completely inside out to become better people. We come with a swag of good points. You know?

It occurred to me as I sit here writing my next book that we need to remind ourselves that we don’t have to change. We can be both. We can be fretty and fussy…and good. The whole plot line of first, we make the beast beautiful works to the idea that our anxiety and finickiness exists for beautiful and bountiful reasons. But I’ve found this only really cuts through to the Earnestly Anxious when they can view the beauty through others’ eyes. So here’s a list of things that we, the Earnestly Anxious, do that kinda makes us OK people to have in one’s orbit … as a reminder (feel free to surreptitiously tag a mate you’ve been busting to more or less explain this to!)…

I shall be thinking of you all in 2018 and hopefully we can muddle our way through to some stunning re-casting of our beasts. I’ll be here for the ride.

PS US friends, preorders have started

PPS Anyone with US friends, please do tag them here and present them with the idea of getting in on this conversation with us.

*Update: you can now purchase the book here for US, UK + Aus.*