I have news on the first charity project I committed to after I shut my business and decided to us the funds  working with charities where I match your donations dollar for dollar. My first project was with World Bicycle Relief and we set out to raise funds for an entire school.

The update: We raised enough for TWO schools!

I’ve just had confirmation that all your generous donations funded enough bikes for TWO SCHOOLS – The Munyati School in the Shibuyunji District in Zambia and the Mafungautsi Primary School in the Kafue district.

You raised $30,00;  I donated $30,000. A total of $60K!

Here’s what our donations are doing

  • The program gets girls to school safely by giving them a bike.
  • The program has reduced rape, child marriage, HIV rates and gives young women and men a chance at a good, big and fair life. 
  • Plus, it pays to train a specially-approved Bicycle Supervisory Committee (BSC) who will oversee the program at the school, as well as a mechanic from their community to ensure that the bikes are maintained and that the program is sustainable. 

  • When the bicycles are distributed to the students, the schools will host a special ceremony, full of song, dance and celebration. I’ll share pics!!

A humungous thank you to everyone who donated. Some of you kicked in thousands of dollars at a time. Some of you donated twice…Sophie Landa!  Some of you were school kids who raised money via your school fundraisers, which is just lovely.

If you want to continue to support the project, head here.

If you want to learn more about my second charity project, head here.

I’ll be in touch soon to let you know about my next focus…

Respect and heartfelt stuff, always,

Sarah xx