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  • Have an autoimmune disease? This Program will probably help. I quit sugar to manage my autoimmune disease. And after almost five years of being off the sweet stuff, I can say this: Quitting sugar had the biggest impact on my disease (Hashimotos) more so than any other medical “fix”. I have zero thyroid antibodies now, am on the minimum dosage of thyroxin and my hormone levels have more
  • Why you need to boost your stomach acid. Especially if you have autoimmune disease The gut is where the wellness movement is at right now. I’ve talked extensively about my gut health obsession  here, here and here. So today, a gut health post with a focus on stomach acid. And why you need to boost it, especially if you suffer from autoimmune disease. This is the new direction in this realm, more
  • Can quitting artificial sweetener reverse autoimmune disease? There are many, many, and many more causes of autoimmune disease. And then, too, there are none. Ultimately no one can really pin point a root cause. It’s truly a clusterf*ck. There are factors, of course, that flare the condition. Like gluten, sugar and anxiety. But one I haven’t really covered before is fake sugar. more
  • 10 reasons why coffee might not be great if you have autoimmune disease Coffee is good for us, yes? I reckon there’s a fair bit of evidence now saying it’s so. But what about if you have an autoimmune disease? (New here? I have Hashimotos and I often write from this particular POV.) Me, I drink coffee – about 2-3 cups per week. But I’ve been starting to more
  • Could female self-hatred be the real cause of autoimmune disease? I’ve analyzed autoimmune disease from all different angles, and tried to treat my own such disease from just as many angles. I’ve looked into gluten, cosmetic toxins and, of course, sugar. When I’m asked, though, “What caused your disease?” I have to be frank and say – once all angles are ironed out – everything more
  • Why folk with autoimmune disease do the 8-Week Program This much I know: I quit sugar because I had a raging autoimmune disease. This much I’ve just learned: Tens of thousands of others with autoimmune disease are now doing the same thing. And getting results. In fact, according to our latest survey of I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program participants… For folk with autoimmune disease, more
  • How to heal Autoimmune disease: tips from Dr Terry Wahls When I don’t know stuff about stuff that I care about, I like to call a “friend” and have a bit of an audio interview with them. When I do, I get you guys to take part and invite you to post questions to ask on your behalf. My latest such friendly chat about stuff more
  • How to deal with AutoImmune Disease: Hypothyroid Mum tackles constipation! You might call me a coward for handing this particularly sticky subject over to someone else to cover. I promise it’s not shame. It’s more that this particular blogger – Dana Trentini at – has done such a great job of covering it that it made sense. OK? Dana lost her unborn baby to more
  • How to Heal Autoimmune Disease: 6 clever tricks from Mickey at For three years now I’ve been running this occasional series of posts geared at making anyone with autoimmune disease feel less like a freak. It’s been extraordinary… I’d say more than half of all readers here came to this blog for the AI information. Even more extraordinarily, a huge chunk of the rest of you more
  • Does quitting sugar heal autoimmune disease? This is actually a post I’ve been busting to write for a while. As many of you know, I first quit sugar because of my autoimmune (AI) disease. I have Hashimotos. And a big part of why I’ve stuck to the sugar-free program is that it’s made such a damn big difference. So the simple more
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