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  • How to cook resistant starch for constipation As regular readers of my blog may know, I’m experimenting with resistant starch as a cure for constipation. Resistant starch is a type of food starch that remains whole through the stomach and small intestine, and, unlike most foods, reaches the large intestine intact. Thus, it “resists” digestion and begins to ferment…which, in turn, feeds good bacteria…which in more
  • Is resistant starch the cure for chronic constipation? Gut health makes the world go around. This is where the wellness movement is at right now. And crucial to good gut health is sturdy, regular poo action. For many, especially those of us with an autoimmune disease, regular poo action is but a pipe dream (which sounds like an ablution entendre; so many things more
  • 19 extra tips for fixing constipation A few weeks ago, I ran a post by Dana from on how she reversed her constipation. Boy, a lot of us are blocked up, hey!? (I’m really tempted to drop some poo puns in here…like how the response created a sh*t storm… but will hold it in… I mean refrain.) I’ve since put together more
  • How to deal with AutoImmune Disease: Hypothyroid Mum tackles constipation! You might call me a coward for handing this particularly sticky subject over to someone else to cover. I promise it’s not shame. It’s more that this particular blogger – Dana Trentini at – has done such a great job of covering it that it made sense. OK? Dana lost her unborn baby to more
  • Here’s the beauty products I pack when I travel… This year I’ve travelled a lot. And, in fact, for the past three years I’ve lived mostly in transit. And so my “beauty regime” in general is a simple and mobile affair. A big bunch of you ask me via the socials to share what such a regime looks like and today I’m obliging. Previously more
  • 10 things to do to heal your gut I’m gut-health obsessed. I talk about gut health a lot, here and elsewhere. I believe most contemporary ills stem from gut issues and I’ve got my fair share of personal experience. Today, I’m sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated in my years of research on the topic. 1. Don’t worry about dirt on veggies. more
  • My Indian Kimchi recipe: The best probiotic food Kimchi is hands down THE best probiotic food out there. I add it to my meals on a regular basis and figured it’d be a good idea to share why it’s so bloody good for you…as well as a recipe from my latest book I Quit Sugar: SIMPLICIOUS. Yeah, for free. Probiotics vs prebiotics Before I start more
  • Why I’ve produced my own gelatin powder Good morning friends. This post serves two purposes. To announce that, yes, I’ve produced an I Quit Sugar gelatin powder – my Gut Lovin’ Gelatin. And you can buy it now. To explain why I’ve done so, in the context of my vocal aversion to the practice of contributing to More Stuff on The Planet. more
  • A Simplicious style Leftovers Torta recipe I love seeing meals regenerated from leftovers, cupboard essentials or any scraggy-looking veggies. My new book I Quit Sugar: Simplicious is  dedicated to the art of creating these kind of meals. I call it “perpetual cooking” (a meal should have no start and no end; it keeps going and going). My old mate Anthea Loucas and brilliantly more
  • Everything you need to know about healing your gut A growing number of modern ills –in particular, autoimmune diseases – are now deemed to stem from the gut. And many of us have guts that are a little leaky and nervous and cranky. So healing the gut is probably at the top of your wellness to-do list, right? Today, all my gut-health posts in more
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