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  • Fermented Turmeric Tonic recipe Turmeric is a sweet salve for an inflamed, auto-immune, gut-compromised soul, or so say the studies. But a bunch of other studies show it has poor bioavailability and requires pretty good gut health from the get-go to be able to convert the active ingredient (the yellow pigment, curcurmin) into a form that kicks into gear more
  • how to make (almost sugar-free) fermented kombucha When I was a kid my brother Ben used to grow mushrooms and raise axolotls in his bedroom (in and around my brother Pete’s feral mess and a pile of skateboards and BMX bits). I now realise these carefully reared mushrooms were kombucha “SCOBYs” and that his pre-pubescent experiments were quite ahead of the times. more
  • My homemade fermented daikon recipe I’ve been doing lots of fermenting lately and I’ll be sharing recipes on my site over the coming weeks…But in the meantime, you can read up on why it’s so good for you here. Fermented daikon is one of my favourite ferments. Daikon is a big white radish often found grated raw on Japanese meals; more
  • 14 things to do with fermented cream cheese Crikey I love curd. And blimey it’s the easiest way to get some probiotic love into your guts. A few weeks back I outlined 5 ways to use whey. Today I’m going to share what you can do with the other half of the equation: the curds. Because as you know, you make these two more
  • A hiking and eating guide to Flinders Island Some of you might have noted I’ve been doing a bit of hiking and camping lately in Tasmania. A few weeks back I went a degree further afield and travelled across to Flinders Island. Where? What? You’ve heard of it, right? But no idea where to point to it on a map? I confess that was more
  • The world’s first zero waste cookbook! (How so?) Since you guys know me well, I can tell you this. When my publisher Ingrid asked me to write one last cookbook, I struggled with the idea. The way cookbooks typically work is wasteful. Does the world need another one? You see, cookbooks as we know them today work to a bunch of isolated, complicated more
  • A hiking and eating guide to Slovenia I alluded to this in my last post of reasons to visit Slovenia – the joint is a hiking and eating wonderland. It’s a tiny country, but it packs in everything an adventurer with a refined appetite could ever wish for – lush forests, technical mountain climbs (via ferrata), pristine and warm (!) lakes, vineyards, more
  • My hiking and wellness guide to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, LA I’ve been in and out of LA a few times over the years. I’m particular about where I stay when I’m there. Generally I lodge near a canyon so I can hike on arrival (see below)! I’ve stayed in Santa Monica twice now, and so I’ve updated this post accordingly (most recently September 2019). This more
  • Erin made all 306 recipes in Simplicious in 18 months. I’m blown away. When Simplicious came out October 2015 I set a challenge to all you guys: Cook every recipe in the book and tag it #simplicious306 and I’ll follow your journey and share your recipes. The process was marvellously rewarding and brought together a bunch of wonderful souls who shared their journey…and even did meet-ups along the more
  • A surprising cheat sheet on how to treat vitiligo I was looking into treatments for vitiligo for a friend, and reached out to Irene at Nourished Life. This is what came back. I thought I’d share…as this is the kind of thing Irene does. She’s passionate about her work and she’s taken the time to work with an expert to give me a full breakdown. more
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