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  • Should I be eating gluten if I have hashimotos? I mean, really? Oh, it’s a hoary one. I’ve swung a bit on the subject over the years. Here’s where I’ve arrived, but I’d like to get your thoughts, too. Did you watch ABC TV’s Catalyst program last night on the topic? Do so. It fleshes out the issue simply. Catch it on iView. My reasoning, however, goes more
  • The Sarah Wilson Toxin-Free Travel Beauty Kit Hello. Many of you have asked for me to put together a “best-of” the toxin-free beauty products that I pack when travelling into one easy kit. I generally do what I’m asked. And so… Before taking off last week, I teamed with Nourished Life to cobble together said kit. It’s the best stuff I’ve tried and tested more
  • A surprising cheat sheet on how to treat vitiligo I was looking into treatments for vitiligo for a friend, and reached out to Irene at Nourished Life. This is what came back. I thought I’d share…as this is the kind of thing Irene does. She’s passionate about her work and she’s taken the time to work with an expert to give me a full breakdown. more
  • Treatments that have helped my anxiety and where to find them At the back of my new book, first, we make the beast beautiful, I promised to share on my site a list of treatments that have helped my anxiety and where to find them. This is that list. Please bear in mind these are my own personal techniques and chosen brands. I’ve not been endorsed in more
  • Does quitting sugar help heal anxiety? The short answer is yes, without a doubt. The longer one requires me to rant. Let’s start with my experience, then flesh out from there. Me, when I got unwell with Hashimotos seven years ago, I was also suffering one of my most tumultuous bouts of anxiety. The two are very interrelated. I’ll explore this in more
  • My top 5 (mostly free) health and beauty habits (I’m told all of them are well weird) When you reach my age, you develop some weird little ingrained lifestyle habits that you don’t realise are odd-ball until, well, you write a blog post about them. Health advice, IMO, can be a bit too polished and holier-than-thou. And a bit dreary. Rarely do folk share the gritty, daggy stuff. Today, I figured I more
  • Have an autoimmune disease? This Program will probably help. I quit sugar to manage my autoimmune disease. And after almost five years of being off the sweet stuff, I can say this: Quitting sugar had the biggest impact on my disease (Hashimotos) more so than any other medical “fix”. I have zero thyroid antibodies now, am on the minimum dosage of thyroxin and my hormone levels have more
  • Why you might need more carbs to get your period back In the past nine months I’ve put on a few kilos. In the past nine months I also got my period back, after six years of nada. The cause of this not-great condition is my autoimmune disease (Hashimotos). What got me back on track? Changing my diet, backing off on exercise and… consciously putting on more
  • Can quitting artificial sweetener reverse autoimmune disease? There are many, many, and many more causes of autoimmune disease. And then, too, there are none. Ultimately no one can really pin point a root cause. It’s truly a clusterf*ck. There are factors, of course, that flare the condition. Like gluten, sugar and anxiety. But one I haven’t really covered before is fake sugar. more
  • The best toxin-free cosmetics – my personal listicle Yesterday, I shared how to choose the best toxin-free cosmetics. As promised, here’s my own safe beauty shopping list. It’s not a definitive list. And I recognise that nothing is ever fully toxin-free. As ever, it’s about doing what you can. As ever, it’s mostly about doing with less. Less is more. Less is more. more
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