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  • I love food, hate waste: 15 (more) clever ways to use your leftovers I’m a fan of using up leftovers. I turn it into a sport, as anyone who’s a regular reader of my blog would know. I’ve recently shared how Maggie Beer and Poh use their leftovers and how to eat your scraps. Today I’ve pulled together a few extra tips and tricks for using stuff you more
  • I love food, hate waste: silo by joost I’ve been doing a bit of a series of posts on eliminating as much food waste as possible. You can catch up here and here. Today I’m sharing an interview I did with Joost Bakker, an anti-waste dynamo who owns the cafe Silo by Joost in Melbourne. I’d read a bit about the guy: he’s more
  • I love food, hate waste: a recipe with beetroot leaves I love food, hate waste, as you might have learned from reading last week’s post on how to cook your scraps. I’m doing a bit of a series of posts at the moment, showcasing innovative ways to cut unnecessary food wastage as part of Buy Nothing New Month (I’m an ambassador; I’m also an ambassador more
  • I Love food, hate waste: how to eat your scraps OK. Brace yourself. I’m fired up. I’m an ambassador for the International Love Food Hate Waste program and I’m going to be doing a series of posts that I truly hope will get as many of you as possible thinking about how much respect you have for food and the work and life and carbon more
  • love food, hate waste Going forward the focus of the climate debate is going to be food. All the experts are saying wars will also be about food in the future. The fact is, we’re fast reaching a point where the planet won’t be able to feed us. And we’re going to be falling over each other to get more
  • A slow food (and Paleo) guide to London I’ve done a few trips to London in the past few years and have witnessed the slow/mindful/locavore/sugar-free/whole/Paleo food scene really shift. It was interesting to arrive this time from the US (I was in both New York and London doing publicity for my books) and compare the difference in food tone. The UK is super more
  • 14 handy links for waste-free living I’m passionate about this stuff. Sustainability. No waste. So I was very happy to be involved in Sustainable Table’s Waste Deep documentary, which is a gentle way of easing people into the issues and what each of us can do about them. I make an appearance – or three – alongside gardening guru Costa, Tim Silverwood and incredibly passionate more
  • Sardines for World Food Day Happy World Food Day! I hope you celebrate by eating your leftovers, choosing a secondary cut of meat, getting smart with your food scraps and using up all your leftover herbs. Food sustainability is my number one passion right now. And, just to give you a sneaky head’s up (hopefully my publisher’s not reading this!) my more
  • I’ve become a food wastage nag…. …But I don’t apologise for it. Are people wasting more food these days? Caring less? Or am I just becoming increasingly obsessed? A lot of all three, me thinks. I’ve been working on a food shoot for my next book. That’s me above making sauerkraut, with my mallet from the toolbox. I’ve been flying a more
  • just 7 fun food ideas (that will make you scream “genius!”) I like clever food ideas. Things you can do to make culinary life smoother. Some of my favourite tips are contained in this post on what to do with left-over herbs. And this one on paleo-friendly kids lunchbox ideas. I use icecube trays for storing excess chicken stock (ready to pop out and use for more
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