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  • A slow food and hiking guide to Symi, Greece Two months back I found myself in Symi, a small Dodecanese island near Turkey, via the kindness of a stranger. Sinead of @seasoulandsnow reached out on Instagram when she saw I was in Rhodes (how I wound up in Rhodes is a less pretty story). She offered me her holiday home in Symi as she had more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Hobart and Freycinet It’s become quite a thing…these slow food and hiking guides. I’m glad you like them. From my point of view, if I get 100 people to leave their comfort zone and get out of the city to move and eat real food in regional areas…well, I will die in peace knowing my job is done. more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Mudgee, NSW This is a nice quick post, to be told mostly in pictures. I like to eat and hike, both mindfully. Both ground and enliven me. Thus, I devote a lot of my energies heading off to explore (often) far-flung places in the bush/country/wilds that are also peppered with surprising real and whole foodie finds. If more
  • Slow food and hiking guide to Sardinia #2 A few weeks back I posted a Slow Food and Hiking Guide to Sardinia part 1. Forthwith is the rest of it. Sing out if you need any other tips. I’m forthcoming, mostly. Sardinia is an intriguing place. You’ll like it. But, as I always advise, it’s always best to make your adventure your own. And more
  • Slow food and hiking guide to Sardinia #1 Thinking of heading to this large, personality-drenched Mediterranean island? Well here’s my rundown on the highlights from my marathon trip there. Marathon? I covered a helluva lot of what is a pretty big island, sampling the highlights, covering vast tracts by foot and bike…the rest in my little Fiat Panda…all in less than three weeks. more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Provence I passed through France a week or two back, specifically Provence. Embarrassingly, Peter Mayle is responsible. I stumbled on one of his Provence books as I was deciding where to head after Spain and followed the “sign”. I had a perfect time there. A splendid blend of comfort and rusticness and, as always, a focus more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Andalucia Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of the details of my travels… as little guides that you can cut’n’keep for later. Or be inspired by. Each one will have a “slow” (mindful, deep-rooted, social, life-loving) ethos and be centred on food and hiking. Because that’s what I do. So to start, more
  • A hiking guide to King Island, Tasmania A trip to King Island, anchored in the middle of the Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania’s North West coast, is not likely to be what you expect. It’s wilder and remoter than popular lore would suggest and you’ll struggle to get a good latte. The hikes are unmarked, the food options limited (due to the remoteness; more
  • A mountainbiking guide to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia Have you been to the incredible Flinders Ranges in the South Australian outback yet? Not so many have. Which is madness. The place is a supreme mix of outback expansiveness mixed with stunning rock formations and surprisingly oasis-lush landscape reminiscent at times of California or Greece…all within a few hours drive of Adelaide. Well four-to-five, more
  • A hiking guide to Mammoth Lakes, Sierra Nevada The Sierra Nevada is a mountainous region on the eastern side of Yosemite in California and about 5 hours drive from Los Angeles. I say this upfront: it’s worth the drive. If you’re into hiking and epic scenery and good food. Mammoth Lakes is the hiking (and mountain biking, and skiing) epicentre and a gem more
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