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  • sunday life: in which I quit the sunday afternoon email catch-up habit This week I reclaim my Sunday Sundays are sad. So says a Swedish study just out. It found the Sabbath the most depressing day of the week because (and I just love how big, important studies have an uncanny knack for pointing out the bleeding obvious) it’s the day before school and work starts. It more
  • A slow food (and Paleo) guide to London I’ve done a few trips to London in the past few years and have witnessed the slow/mindful/locavore/sugar-free/whole/Paleo food scene really shift. It was interesting to arrive this time from the US (I was in both New York and London doing publicity for my books) and compare the difference in food tone. The UK is super more
  • A guide to Byron Bay I first wrote this guide in 2012 when I was living just outside Byron in an old army shed in the forest. I put it together as a rundown of Things to Do as recommended by me and a bunch of friends from up there for our various mates when they came to visit.  I’ve updated more
  • mondays…they can be hard (but, here, some tweaks to make them better) I think Mondays are a struggle because it’s s hard to get the momentum going again. Like peddling away from a standstill…when your knees have gone flaccid. Plus,  there’s a discernible sense of “lack”. A lack in impending reward… because, have you noticed, we don’t reward ourselves on Mondays with that walk in the park more
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