Sarah Wilson is a multi-New York Times and Amazon best-selling author, podcaster, thought leader, minimalist, philanthropist and climate advisor. She founded the international I Quit Sugar movement, wrote the New York Times bestsellers I Quit Sugar and First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, which Mark Manson described as “the best book on living with anxiety that I’ve ever read”. 

Sarah is the author of another 11 cookbooks that sell in 52 countries, and her most recent book This One Wild & Precious Life recently won a Gold Nautilus Award and has been seen on USA Today’s hottest releases along with The Washington Post’s 10 New Books Spotlight. 

Sarah Wilson has been ranked in the top 200 most influential authors in the world. She has been variously described as “the climate queen”, “an expert on misinformation” and “f*cking wild” (Russell Brand!).

Her passionate commitment to driving a global conversation on sustainability and climate change, mobilising individuals, businesses and Governments to make bold, fast change has seen her feature on Russell Brands’ Under the Skin podcast, ABC’s Q&A, and invited to deliver an address to the National Press Club in Canberra.

“Sarah Wilson is a force of nature – quite literally. She has taken her pain and grief about our sick and troubled world and alchemized it into action, advocacy, adventure, poetry, and true love. She’s a great teacher and a great leader, and I admire her with all my soul.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat, Pray, Love

Previously Sarah was editor of Cosmopolitan Australia, host of Masterchef Australia and founder of the largest wellness website in Australia, In May 2018, Sarah closed the business and gave all proceeds to charity (and continues to do so from book title sales). She now builds and enables charity projects that “engage humans with each other”.

In her most recent book, ‘This One Wild & Precious Life: The Path Back to Connection in a Fractured World’ Sarah takes readers on a soul’s journey through the complexities of climate change, coronavirus, racial inequalities and our disconnection from what matters…back to life. Sarah hikes around the world with one day pack, meeting His Holiness The Dalai Lama, poets, philosophers, two nuns and a goat herder (!) who provide hopeful wisdom and vibrant solutions to arrive at what she feels is the true path through the despair…to our better world.

“Sarah shows us how possible a better world is if we’re willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work building it. By starting with ourselves, heeding the call to inner work and growth, we can build the future we yearn for.”

– David Pocock, former Australian Wallabies Player

Sarah continues this conversation via her podcast Wild by Sarah Wilson, featuring interviews with Sia, marketing icon Seth Godin, Rutger Bregman, author of Humankind, and other philosophers, big thinkers, wild livers from around the world.

Sarah released an Audible Originals series this year, titled Make Anxiety Your Superpower. 

In February 2022 she goes on tour with Live Nation. Her Wild and Precious tour will take her message to concert hall stages around the nation!

Sarah has recently set up the #VoteWomenIn project geared at connecting caring Australians to candidates who will fight to put climate change, integrity, First Nations People’s voice to Parliament and gender equality on the agenda.

Sarah is also a keynote speaker who has presented to New York Times, Microsoft USA, Google, Apple, the National Press Club in Canberra, National Australia Bank, IKEA, Monash University, RMIT, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and many more, solidifying her as one of the most influential and forward-thinking assets to like-minded brands globally.

“Sarah is full of expert advice while remaining grounded and incredibly human. Her vulnerability is her strength.”

– Mark Manson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

What else… 

Sarah calls Bondi Beach, Sydney, home, is a foster mother, lives minimally, rides a hand-built bike and is known for traveling the world for eight years with one bag.

A few things to note…

Sarah doesn’t do paid endorsements on social media unless they assist in “shifting the dial on climate change”, so please respect this before sending press releases, products, or requests. 

If you’d like to work with Sarah on such mindful sponsorships, please email [email protected] 

Sarah does not have a team of staff so please be patient with enquiries.

Sarah closed in May 2018 and is no longer in a position to support customer enquiries. You can get help here.

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Management and speaking enquiries:

Check out the “Speaking” page to see Sarah at an upcoming event or you can email [email protected] if you wish to book Sarah for a keynote talk.

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You can still purchase the I Quit Sugar eBooks via the IQS Instagram page.

For I Quit Sugar eBook enquiries please email [email protected]

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Book enquiries:

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If you love a podcast…

Sarah has appeared on the following:

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ABC – This Much Is True with Richard Aedy

The Guardian – Full Story with Laura Murphy-Oates

Waleed Aly Podcast X Human Interaction

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To explore the full list search ‘Sarah Wilson’ in your favourite podcast app.