I’ve written some books
  • I Quit Sugar: Slow Cooker Cookbook
    I quit sugar... and fell in love with my slow cooker. Seriously, slow cooking is my answer to eating well. I'm all about dense nutrition. A slow-cooker extracts the best of my food without destroying the enzymes. It also extracts maximum flavour - particularly good when trying to convert friends or family to a more nutrient-dense way of eating.
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  • I Quit Sugar: Kids Cookbook
    Eating sugar free is about abundance and 'crowding out'. It's not about banning 'bad' foods, but instead focusing on filling your kids' plates with so much yummy (and nutritious) food that there simply isn't enough room left for the sugary stuff. It's about eating less ingredients and packet free and perhaps, most importantly... eating sugar free is about being gentle and kind. We don't do harsh edicts. We make this fun and positive. We ease our kids into this, encouraging good habits.
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