• My Simplicious Good for your Guts Garlic recipe I am a little obsessed with gut-health. I’ve been banging on about the this topic for a while now. I’ve also recently launched my own Gut Lovin’ Gelatin. It’s no surprise then that my latest book I Quit Sugar: Simplicious includes a stack of gut-healing fixes. One of them being my Good For Your Gut Garlic recipe. more
  • How to build the perfect abundance bowl These one-pan, two-minute mélanges are my standard lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) fare and I’ve included a big bunch of great combos in I Quit Sugar: Simplicious. I must admit I felt weird putting them into a recipe format because I mostly make them on a whim, using what I’ve got (and a few too more
  • Please meet my biggest, best book yet: Simplicious Simplicious hits bookstores today. No drum rolls please. I’m just pleased as punch that it’s here. It was two years of work. It’s 306 recipes. And I’ve taken a gamble here…it’s about how to eat your scraps. This book is my career highlight, my passion project, my obsession. Sustainability has always been at the guts more
  • Your favourite posts of 2014 Hanging at Mum and Dad’s listening to Mitch Miller carols on the turntables? Sitting through Frozen with the kids….again? You might like a bit of distracted reading. Here’s the countdown. Ten posts that floated boats in this wonderful community throughout the year. Can you guess which was number 1, according to the whizzy Google algorithms? more
  • My fructose-free Chai Kombucha recipe…yes! I’ve become a little obsessed with making kombucha. I’ve had a brew going continuously on my bench since I made my first batch a few weeks back. One of the concerns some of you had was with the use of sugar to feed the yeast and bacteria. As I pointed out, very little sugar is more
  • My homemade fermented daikon recipe I’ve been doing lots of fermenting lately and I’ll be sharing recipes on my site over the coming weeks…But in the meantime, you can read up on why it’s so good for you here. Fermented daikon is one of my favourite ferments. Daikon is a big white radish often found grated raw on Japanese meals; more
  • 22 fermenting tricks and tips Last week I gave away tickets to a fermenting workshop with Sandor Katz to the reader who shared the best fermenting trick with us all. Congratulations to our winner Krysten Ioannides! If you missed out, come along anyway. The IQS team is attending one of the Saturday workshops. But since all of you shared such great more
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