• low carb down under Just a quick note to let you know I’m sharing my I Quit Sugar message at the Low Carb Down Under Sydney event this Saturday, if you’re keen to hear me harp on a little more about it all! Other speakers include David Gillespie, wholistic dentist Dr Ron Ehrlich, and Aaron MacKenzie from Origin Of Energy, who has worked more
  • How to eat paleo (ish) while travelling Southern Europe so far: je marche, Je mange. That’s pretty much been the picture for the past five weeks. I don’t really do museums or galleries. I travel to eat. I hike to eat. I eat to hike. If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Twitter you might have noticed that I’ve been eating more
  • How to make bacon + egg cupcakes Oooh, it’s so close! My I Quit Sugar Cookbook is almost here. And so I figure I might share this recipe from the book: bacon and egg cupcakes! Yes. Two ingredients + some clever assembling = fun breakfast. Astonishing stuff! You can watch the video below, which was shot by my good mate Faustina (you more
  • 13 fun paleo ideas for kids (and parents!) Let’s continue with this Paleo series I started a few weeks back. I’ve written about eating Paleo here and here…. with more recipes for breakfasts here… But I’ve had a few requests for kid’s meals, so here you go: some paleo school lunches, and a CLEVER flower power egg invention! It’s really not that faddish more
  • marilyn’s bizzare (paleo) eating I love learning what other people’s eating routines look like. I love routines. I love learning anything about Marilyn’s short life. Whacko! An article from the 1952 issue of Pageant that outlines Marilyn’s eating routine…and beyond. It’s intriguingly Paleo, you’ll note: milk, eggs, liver, lamb chops. Remember, up until quite recently a grain-based diet was more
  • Coconut and cheese biscuits (plus 3 more coconut flour treats) I’m coming to terms with coconut flour. I wrote about the stuff a few weeks back and have been experimenting since. It’s tricky stuff. But once you get it…it gets you. Since a few of you asked…here are some more recipes I’ve been playing with. These biscuits (above) were an experiment…that worked. They’re (good) fat more
  • 10 (more) paleo breakfast ideas After my post about why the paleo diet works, and then my coconut flour post, one of the biggest requests I’ve had is: what can I eat for breakfast if I’m grain-free, sugar-free? You ask, I oblige…here’s a glorious host  of options for you to try from bloggers and tweeters and from my own archives. more
  • why the paleo diet works This week in Sunday Life I eat like a caveman Of all the self-imposed guinea pig antics I’ve subjected myself to for this column, this week’s might be regarded as my bravest. For it entailed eating, oh-glory-be-yes, fat. In a fat-fearful world, my no holds barred consumption of chicken skin, the crackling and the 3cm more
  • caveman exercise: a *why and how* rundown OK, I’ve just posted on how to exercise at home, using techniques I’ve learned from Origin of Energy’s Aaron and his team. As a backgrounder, I’ve got Aaron to explain the philosophy behind the exercises he teaches. I love it…I’m absorbing myself in the information at the moment and meeting all kinds of people who more
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