• When wellness friends get caught up in QAnon conspiracies: some resources Earlier this week I decided to write an oped for The Guardian about a phenomenon plaguing many of us – how people we know, mostly “loose” friends from Facebook who, more often than not, are wellness warriors or spiritual types, have suddenly bought into QAnon-inspired conspiracy theories. I wrote the piece because I was really more
  • Huge! I’m doing a tour with Live Nation! This is wild stuff! I’m going to be continue the conversation that I start in This One Wild and Precious Life with a Big Bookclub experience tour with Live Nation, kicking off in January 2021. (Hey, they couldn’t get Beyonce and Bill Gates for a bit, so they’re stuck with me!) I’ll be touring Australia and more
  • This One Wild and Precious Life Bookclub Guide When I was writing This One Wild and Precious Life, I held a bunch of discussion groups with people I met out and about. These people – mostly strangers – wanted to chat about “what’s going on with life”, so I invited them to various get-togethers, usually over some wine and cheese, to talk through more
  • Welcome to This One Wild and Precious Life This One Wild and Precious Life is my latest book and below are all the details, resources, links, fun bits that you might need, reader, journalist or otherwise. The book took me three years to research it and write it (while hiking it!). In two sentences: I head off on a soul’s journey through the more
  • Your Wild and Precious “Get Involved Now” Kit I figured (and hope) that after reading This One Wild and Precious Life, you’d be gagging to make a difference immediately. I’ve compiled this bunch of carbon counters, apps, zero-waste online challenges, books, shopping guides etc. that can assist you and your household make switches straight away. I’ve started with Australian resources for now, but more
  • “This One Wild and Precious Life” science and source references Looking for all the scientific and source references from my book This One Wild and Precious Life? You’ve landed at the right spot. Rather than waste trees putting these to print, I’ve listed them here (and explain as such throughout the book). I also figured that many of you might enjoy following up some of the more
  • My new book! This One Wild and Precious Life   She’s here. At last. My next book. And that above is her cover. The book arrives in bookstores August 25 in Australia and New Zealand and in the US and Canada December 8. But you can preorder now and get it a touch earlier. Plus, via the link (when you press the button below, more
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