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  • A hiking and eating guide to Flinders Island Some of you might have noted I’ve been doing a bit of hiking and camping lately in Tasmania. A few weeks back I went a degree further afield and travelled across to Flinders Island. Where? What? You’ve heard of it, right? But no idea where to point to it on a map? I confess that was more
  • The world’s first zero waste cookbook! (How so?) Since you guys know me well, I can tell you this. When my publisher Ingrid asked me to write one last cookbook, I struggled with the idea. The way cookbooks typically work is wasteful. Does the world need another one? You see, cookbooks as we know them today work to a bunch of isolated, complicated more
  • A hiking and eating guide to Slovenia I alluded to this in my last post of reasons to visit Slovenia – the joint is a hiking and eating wonderland. It’s a tiny country, but it packs in everything an adventurer with a refined appetite could ever wish for – lush forests, technical mountain climbs (via ferrata), pristine and warm (!) lakes, vineyards, more
  • My hiking and wellness guide to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, LA I’ve been in and out of LA a few times over the years. I’m particular about where I stay when I’m there. Generally I lodge near a canyon so I can hike on arrival (see below)! I’ve stayed in Santa Monica twice now, and so I’ve updated this post accordingly (most recently September 2019). This more
  • Erin made all 306 recipes in Simplicious in 18 months. I’m blown away. When Simplicious came out October 2015 I set a challenge to all you guys: Cook every recipe in the book and tag it #simplicious306 and I’ll follow your journey and share your recipes. The process was marvellously rewarding and brought together a bunch of wonderful souls who shared their journey…and even did meet-ups along the more
  • A surprising cheat sheet on how to treat vitiligo I was looking into treatments for vitiligo for a friend, and reached out to Irene at Nourished Life. This is what came back. I thought I’d share…as this is the kind of thing Irene does. She’s passionate about her work and she’s taken the time to work with an expert to give me a full breakdown. more
  • Five recipes that have helped my anxiety At the back of my new book, first, we make the beast beautiful, I promised to share on my site a few of my favourite meals and recipes that have helped my anxiety. This is that list. (Most of these recipes feature in I Quit Sugar: Simplicious.) As I explain in the beast, it’s best to eat more
  • A (boring) list of all the references in “first, we make the beast beautiful” At the back of first, we make the beast beautiful I promise to include references and links for all the science and studies I draw on in the researching of the book in a neat and tidy post. This is she. I didn’t want to include them as footnotes in the book proper. They’re not more
  • Does quitting sugar help heal anxiety? The short answer is yes, without a doubt. The longer one requires me to rant. Let’s start with my experience, then flesh out from there. Me, when I got unwell with Hashimotos seven years ago, I was also suffering one of my most tumultuous bouts of anxiety. The two are very interrelated. I’ll explore this in more
  • My 7 favourite ways to use turmeric Look, I’m aware turmeric is fast becoming the new kale, that is, an over-hyped “superfood”. I guess, though, unlike kale, turmeric has some unique health properties grounded in a long history of healing cooking (nothing against kale, but it doesn’t really stand apart substantially on any front from good old silverbeet). I use a fair more
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