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  • My hiking and wellness guide to West Hollywood, LA So this is a series of three guides. I just spent a week in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree/Palm Springs and learned this valuable lesson: when in LA, less is more. That is, do one area at a time. In part, because transporting oneself around is a couchemare. And also because the wonders of the more
  • A hiking guide (and road trip!) to Orange, Warrumbungles and Barrington Tops So, I’ve been hiking again. I hike for a bunch of mental and physical wellness reasons. My hikes aim to integrate great food options en route and to work to a “flow” (with circuit loops and including the travel to and from the destination as part of the journey). I research them in detail, to more
  • A hiking guide to the Light to Light walk This is another instalment in my hiking guide series. This time I ventured to the southern end of the NSW coast to do the Light to Light walk, a moderate two or three-day coastal hike between two lighthouses that’s rated in many lists as one of the Top 10 walks in Australia. Me, I’d stick more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Symi, Greece Two months back I found myself in Symi, a small Dodecanese island near Turkey, via the kindness of a stranger. Sinead of @seasoulandsnow reached out on Instagram when she saw I was in Rhodes (how I wound up in Rhodes is a less pretty story). She offered me her holiday home in Symi as she had more
  • My bareboating (and hiking) guide to the Whitsundays My recent sailing trip up at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was quite possibly the best trip of my life. Brace yourself for a fair bit of hyperbole. Apologies in advance! Please note: I was supported in doing the bareboating by Tourism and Events Queensland, however, as always, the trip was conducted on my own terms and the more
  • A hiking guide to Hawaii Another installment in my series of hiking guides. If you’re new to the series…it’s worth my flagging that I travel to hike. I live to hike. Here’s why and how it works for me. Hawaii is a hiker’s haven so I’m surprised with myself it took so long to get there. But, then, I was more
  • The best hiking and eating trips in Europe In tribute to the Northern Hemisphere summer happening right now: my slow food and hiking guides to Europe, all in one place. I’ve said before, if I get 100 people to leave their comfort zone and get out of the city to move and eat real food in regional areas…well, I will die in peace more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Hobart and Freycinet It’s become quite a thing…these slow food and hiking guides. I’m glad you like them. From my point of view, if I get 100 people to leave their comfort zone and get out of the city to move and eat real food in regional areas…well, I will die in peace knowing my job is done. more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Mudgee, NSW This is a nice quick post, to be told mostly in pictures. I like to eat and hike, both mindfully. Both ground and enliven me. Thus, I devote a lot of my energies heading off to explore (often) far-flung places in the bush/country/wilds that are also peppered with surprising real and whole foodie finds. If more
  • Slow food and hiking guide to Sardinia #2 A few weeks back I posted a Slow Food and Hiking Guide to Sardinia part 1. Forthwith is the rest of it. Sing out if you need any other tips. I’m forthcoming, mostly. Sardinia is an intriguing place. You’ll like it. But, as I always advise, it’s always best to make your adventure your own. And more
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