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  • A hiking guide to King Island, Tasmania A trip to King Island, anchored in the middle of the Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania’s North West coast, is not likely to be what you expect. It’s wilder and remoter than popular lore would suggest and you’ll struggle to get a good latte. The hikes are unmarked, the food options limited (due to the remoteness; more
  • A hiking guide to Mammoth Lakes, Sierra Nevada The Sierra Nevada is a mountainous region on the eastern side of Yosemite in California and about 5 hours drive from Los Angeles. I say this upfront: it’s worth the drive. If you’re into hiking and epic scenery and good food. Mammoth Lakes is the hiking (and mountain biking, and skiing) epicentre and a gem more
  • A hiking guide to Kumano Kodo, Japan Another hiking guide in my series. I’ve just completed the Kumano Kodo, an absolutely magical pilgrimage routes that crisscross the Kii Hantō, south of Osaka and Kyoto. Emperors and their families and pretty much everyone else from Kyoto walked this route in the 11th century and it’s a very sacred area for the Shugendo tradition, a religion more
  • A hiking and eating guide to Flinders Island Some of you might have noted I’ve been doing a bit of hiking and camping lately in Tasmania. A few weeks back I went a degree further afield and travelled across to Flinders Island. Where? What? You’ve heard of it, right? But no idea where to point to it on a map? I confess that was more
  • The Larapinta Track hiking guide Some of you, after seeing my Instagram photos, were keen for me to share the details of the desert hike I just returned from along The Larapinta Trail in the West Macdonnell Ranges. The walk heads off West out of Alice Springs and is regarded as one of the most spectacular multi-day hikes in the more
  • The Tasmanian Overland (Cradle Mountain) Track: A Hiking Guide As promised, a rundown of my wonderful hike along The Overland Track in central-West Tasmania. It’s also known as The Cradle Mountain walk. As some of you might know, I set off on the six-day hike the day after announcing I was closing my business. Timings for Big Things tend to funnel right into the more
  • A hiking and eating guide to Slovenia I alluded to this in my last post of reasons to visit Slovenia – the joint is a hiking and eating wonderland. It’s a tiny country, but it packs in everything an adventurer with a refined appetite could ever wish for – lush forests, technical mountain climbs (via ferrata), pristine and warm (!) lakes, vineyards, more
  • A hiking and eating guide to South West Cornwall (Coastal Walk!) You’ve probably gathered: I’m currently doing an extended hiking trip. It’s for several reasons, which I’ll explain soon. My overall – and ongoing – aim is to do a bunch of super-do-able trips and report back, with tips, food ideas, etc, so you can try them for yourself. If I can get one restless soul more
  • My hiking and wellness guide to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs This is part three of my LA-based series. A few things to note: As I’ve already said, this is not a full guide. It’s a mini-rundown to give you a feel for how you can hike and eat your way through a mini-break based out of LA. Tack this trip onto an LA stint and more
  • My hiking and wellness guide to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, LA I’ve been in and out of LA a few times over the years. I’m particular about where I stay when I’m there. Generally I lodge near a canyon so I can hike on arrival (see below)! I’ve stayed in Santa Monica twice now, and so I’ve updated this post accordingly (most recently September 2019). This more
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