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  • a slow food guide to iceland This is part three in my Iceland series. You can check out my Iceland style and Iceland hiking guide as well. But today…it’s all about food, the stuff that fuels all my travels. You can also peruse my Slow Food and Hiking Guide to Provence and my Slow Food and Hiking Guide to Andalucia. Food in Iceland more
  • a slow food and biking guide to copenhagen I rather love Copenhagen.  Marija – the lovely lady who photographed my I Quit Sugar eCookbook; that’s her below – and I spent a week here, mostly shooting the cover and some fun shots for my new book. There is so much to include in a guide, but I’ll keep to a list of ten more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Provence I passed through France a week or two back, specifically Provence. Embarrassingly, Peter Mayle is responsible. I stumbled on one of his Provence books as I was deciding where to head after Spain and followed the “sign”. I had a perfect time there. A splendid blend of comfort and rusticness and, as always, a focus more
  • A slow food and hiking guide to Andalucia Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of the details of my travels… as little guides that you can cut’n’keep for later. Or be inspired by. Each one will have a “slow” (mindful, deep-rooted, social, life-loving) ethos and be centred on food and hiking. Because that’s what I do. So to start, more
  • a slow foodie road trip to Daylesford I dunno, perhaps Thelma & Louise are to blame. But every woman I knows loves the idea of donning a head scarf and taking off with a girlfriend. For an unbridled adventure. Rooftop down. I’ve been hankering for a while, and lo! I was contacted by the town of Daylesford in Victoria and invited to more
  • An updated foodie guide to London. I’ve written a slow-food and paleo guide to London. But that was a while back. And since London has a constantly changing culinary landscape, I thought my latest trip to town (August 2016) warranted an update. I’m keeping it simple. And mostly visual. A post packed with images of my favourite meals and links to the best joints I more
  • My Indian Kimchi recipe: The best probiotic food Kimchi is hands down THE best probiotic food out there. I add it to my meals on a regular basis and figured it’d be a good idea to share why it’s so bloody good for you…as well as a recipe from my latest book I Quit Sugar: SIMPLICIOUS. Yeah, for free. Probiotics vs prebiotics Before I start more
  • Yes, I eat bones off strangers’ plates (and other food wastage tips) As I explained in my Simplicious Food Waste Cheat Sheet for Trolls post last week, in my latest book, I Quit Sugar: SIMPLICIOUS, I plug doggie bags, double dunk my teabags and cook up my friends’ fish bones into stock, all of which apparently leaves some a little uncomfortable. But it’s necessary. And non negotiable. Food waste more
  • My slow hike in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, UK Growing up in the 1970s on a desolate hill where ABC was the only TV station available, I was exposed to a lot of quaint British programming. The Good Life, Worzel Gummage, The Famous Five, To The Manor Born, All Creatures Great and Small…you get the drift. All of which were evoked in full rolling-hills-and-howling-hounds more
  • how to slow cook lamb shanks #2 (plus 8 super easy recipes) A few weeks back I shared my recipe for slow cooked lamb shanks with lemon and cinnamon. Have you tried it yet? Today, I’m getting slippery swift ‘n’ efficient and sharing a shank trick that’s fast, versatile and can stretch ingredients further. Oh yes, you’ll be shanking me for this shanky share! So. It works more
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