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  • A toxin-free Christmas gift idea: The Sarah Wilson Beauty Pack Just in time for Christmas, here’s a fun “beginner’s” pack of toxin-free makeup…with a bit of a summer vibe. I’ve put it together in response to tooooo many emails requesting a run-down of Only The Best Stuff That I Recommend. I guess you all want to just cut to the chase. I get it! You more
  • The best toxin-free deodorant: 15% off for you kids! It’s strange times we live in. Oooh, yeah. I was asked a while back on social media what deodorant I use. Was it toxin-free and, importantly, did it actually work? I shared that I use Axilla Deodorant Paste by Black Chicken Remedies and, well, what do you know, this simple act broke the Internet. Chey Birch, more
  • The Sarah Wilson Toxin-Free Travel Beauty Kit Hello. Many of you have asked for me to put together a “best-of” the toxin-free beauty products that I pack when travelling into one easy kit. I generally do what I’m asked. And so… Before taking off last week, I teamed with Nourished Life to cobble together said kit. It’s the best stuff I’ve tried and tested more
  • A listicle of toxin-free beauty goodness Thank you for all the extra tips you’ve all shared following my toxin-free cosmetics and beauty oils posts. I’ve popped a stack of them into one post for easy reference. You’re welcome. Tips you’ve shared for blending and using oils I make my own body butters with Coconut + Vitamin E + Shea + Jojoba oil, add the essential more
  • The best toxin-free deodorant: an upfront guide. I’ve been talking about it a lot, this toxin-free caper. Recently I’ve covered off toxin-free cosmetics, why I use oils in my beauty regime and toxin-free sunscreen. You can catch up on all my toxin-free posts if you’d like. In terms of deodorants, I’ve used natural, fragrance-free deodorant for five years now. It’s been a long search. I’ve traversed more
  • The best toxin-free cosmetics – my personal listicle Yesterday, I shared how to choose the best toxin-free cosmetics. As promised, here’s my own safe beauty shopping list. It’s not a definitive list. And I recognise that nothing is ever fully toxin-free. As ever, it’s about doing what you can. As ever, it’s mostly about doing with less. Less is more. Less is more. more
  • How to choose the best toxin-free cosmetics I’ve done several toxin-free cosmetics lists over the years, each with several updates…resulting in a bit of a jumble. So I’ve pulled them apart and rejigged them all with updated information. And before I go on… I really want to emphasise that making the switch to safer and cleaner shouldn’t be about buying more stuff. It’s more
  • How to buy toxin-free nail polish *Updated March, 2016. Let’s kick off with this: most nail polish is made with the same gunk used to make car paint. Yep, a toxic melange of solvents, film formers, resins and plasticisers. Whatever they are. But shall we move on? And see if there is some light at the end of this fumey tunnel? more
  • how to choose a toxin-free sunscreen *this post has been updated in red below Sunscreens confuse me. They’re full of toxins…should I bother with it at all? Zinc? (oooh, but the nano-particles?!)…You too? Good. I did some scouting, asked experts and here’s what I found…just in time for Australia Day!! A lot of the sunscreens out there do NOT protect us more
  • the best toxin-free cosmetics: a listicle (part ll) OK. Everyone loved the list of toxin-free cosmetics I posted recently. Since then, I’ve come across more experts with tried and tested suggestions and some of you guys have shared, too. So, a listicle Part ll. And just a shower thought I had: I really want to emphasise that making the switch to safer and more
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