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  • watch for the signs (and a great video…scroll to the bottom) I have a little rule: three signs and I act. I feel strangely compelled to take note if someone’s name pops up three times in a day. I have to call them. My meditation teacher, for instance. He was mentioned to me by three different people. Finally I called him – his name’s Tim – more
  • sunday life: cos it’s cool to be calm This week I took wise counsel from a bunch of nice 22-year-old blokes in Ramones T-shirts. On Friday night I found myself in a down-an-alley-way-up-a-rickety-staircase bar brimful with young men born since the advent of personal email. They wore winkle-pickers and their older sister’s cardigans and drank longnecks of Coopers. It felt like it was more
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