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Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson talks a lot. She is an experienced MC, host and keynote speaker, mostly speaking to the following topics:

The future of wellness. A presentation targeting trends and developments backed by legitimate science and personally explored by Sarah over 10 years of extensive research into obesity, the role of sugar, and mental health, drawing on her work with the National Geographic’s "Blue Zones” longevity project.

How to run a business - and a life - based on values. Sarah has studied the best wellness, productivity and simple living advice (detailed across more than 100 Sunday Life column explorations and 1500 blog posts). She draws on lessons learned from meeting the Dalai Lama, Oprah’s life coach, Brene Brown, Sir Richard Branson and many more to guide corporates and entrepreneurs wishing to foster an impactful and meaningful career. She parlays the advice she’s gleaned into her experience running Australia’s largest digital wellness business…and then shutting it, donating all profits to charity.

Making the beast beautiful. A nuanced and deep “conversation” that recasts anxiety as a philosophical and creative experience. In this presentation, Sarah draws on her own experience living with bipolar disorder, and the research and experiences she encountered over 7 years creating her New York Times bestseller, first, we make the beast beautiful.

Wild and precious resilience. How to lead in a fragmented and uncertain world. Sarah shares the hacks, tips and responsibilities that she has researched and experimented with, and that are required to navigate staff, peers and ourselves to a more connected and hopeful future. She shares the latest science on dopamine fasting, resilience, decision theory, “soul nerding” and forest therapy.

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Sarah Wilson Speaking

Sarah is regularly engaged to provide keynote talks to universities and large corporate organisations including, Facebook, Microsoft Seattle, Apple, HSBC and NAB. 

"We hosted a women’s event in our Facebook Sydney office and Sarah shared her incredible journey with us. Sarah is warm, refreshingly honest and authentic in her presentation and took our audience on a journey to discover the new wellness. We have never received so much positive feedback from a presenter before Sarah, so big shout out to her and her team!"
- Kassidy Mulley, Facebook Sydney

"At a time when brands and marketers have become obsessed with purpose, you can get a masterclass on the subject from Sarah Wilson, who lives her life and completes her projects with unwavering purpose and speaks with real authenticity and passion."
- Brett Smart, IAG

"Working with Sarah Wilson is always such a beautiful experience. Her professionalism, dedication and down to earth attitude means that not only is she a pleasure to work with from an event management perspective, but what she brings to the event is next level. Every time we have worked with Sarah we have received the most positive response from our community. She is real, raw and leaves the audience feeling inspired and motivated to live bigger and more meaningful lives."
- Sara Jenkins, Head of Events - Business Chicks

“Ogilvy Public Relations Australia is the largest PR consultancy in Australia. We hosted an event which focused on the future of the communication industry and our panelists included an academic and very senior private and public sector leaders in communication from both Australia and overseas. Sarah was the moderator/MC and masterfully managed a great event. Her natural style lends itself to this type of work. Sarah is a real pro and a delight to work with.”
- Kieran Moore, CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations Australia

“Sarah Wilson is vibrant. She talks like she means and knows it. Such engaging smarts is a rarity!”
- Bill Tikos, CEO TheCoolHunter

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