• Recently I told A Current Affair what I thought about coconut oil… It screened last night on Nine’s repeat channel Extra. I think they got it…Didn’t catch it? Well, I thought I’d do a little catch-up post on the stuff. Coconut oil, that is. Here’s a rundown of why coconut oil is so good for you. Here’s a rundown of 19 clever things to do with coconut more
  • yes, I eat fruit. and, no, I’m not misleading Australia. You might have caught last night’s A Current Affair segment on the telly about sugar? I popped up as a sugar-quitting expert, along with my mate David Gillespie. However, I was used mostly as a voice of extremeness via some quotes I’ve made to ACA journalists previously, repackaged in rather extracted form. In particular, I more
  • Melinda lost 50kg doing my I Quit Sugar program… * This post has been updated. You can read more about this below… Meantime, over this New Year shutdown period, I’ve come across a few reads and things that you might be interested in if you’re thinking of quitting sugar. Momentum is building, more and more people are working out that sugar is the missing more
  • I Quit Sugar is on A Current Affair tonight Just a little note to share that A Current Affair recently interviewed a few women who lost weight from doing my I Quit Sugar 8-week Program. It screens tonight (Channel 9. 6.30pm) and features me rabbiting on about cave men genes and mince pies and…the rest. I’m a bit nervous as to just how much more
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